Liver cyst.

Liver cyst.

Liver cyst treatment. How to treat a cyst.. 

Liver cyst. The disease of the liver cyst is quite common and requires a careful approach to the choice of treatment. Drug therapy and treatment of folk remedies can help the patient to cope with any kind of organ pathology. How to treat a cyst of the liver, see later in this article, but first it will be useful to know all about the types and symptoms of the disease.

How to treat a cyst.. Liver cyst.

Medication drugs liver cysts.

The main methods of treatment of small single liver cysts. Puncture or drainage under the control of an ultrasound study or computed tomography. Behind this is a diffused circulating lamp (96% ethanol, 87% glycerol). This is necessary to induce aseptic necrosis of the inner epithelial membrane of the cavity and subsequent obliteration.

For large and giant cysts of the liver, causing compression of internal organs, resection of the liver is performed by brushing or enucleating the cyst, forming an internal anastomosis (cystoneynostomy).

In recent years, this type of treatment of liver cysts is used very often. Because even with giant cysts (more than 20 cm in diameter) effector sclerosing therapy under ultrasound control can be used. The mortality rate for this intervention is zero. The frequency of postoperative complications is less than 0.5%

In the polycystic liver and the real threat of failure, hepatic cysts are used, an operation for anesthesia. Removal of the cyst wall, subsequent destruction of the pads. Electrocorter or laser beam defocused. The purpose of the operation is to reduce the compression of the liver and liver cysts, predetermining its subsequent atrophy.

This type of operation can be performed in a «closed» way under ultrasound control. That is, aspiration of the cyst followed by sclerotherapy. Or laparoscopic (fenestration). When using minimally invasive methods of postoperative complications. Mortality is approaching zero.

Liver cyst. How to treat a cyst..

How to treat liver cyst folk remedies?

The liver is a very important organ in our body. Because it filters out a lot of harmful substances in case of various diseases. Which are best handled by people’s means, than to inflict another blow on him. If you have a cyst of the liver. Treatment of folk remedies can give some results. But do not forget at the same time to consult a doctor in advance.

Quite often, once notice of liver cysts symptoms is not obtained. This may be due to its small size or location. It is necessary to raise the alarm if you have any pain in the right upper quadrant and nausea, which increase during exercise. Keep in mind that herbs can help get rid of only the functional cysts of the liver, but in progressive cyst require surgery.

Liver cyst. Effective treatments for cysts popular recipes.

What herbs can help treat liver cyst?

1. For example, the herb elecampane! 30 g of the washed root pour 3 liters of boiled water. The container, add 1 tbsp. l. dry yeast. 2 days infusion keep in a dark place. After the meal, take the infusion of 100 ml. When the contents of the tank is finished, take a break for 3-4 weeks and repeat the course of treatment of liver cysts.

2. Burdock also help you in the treatment of liver cysts. The leaves and burdock root, wash and chop. The proportion of one-to-one pour the vodka. Insist mixture of 2 weeks. The mixture should be taken, or one hour before meals or one hour after eating a teaspoon 3 times a day. The course of treatment is not limited.

3. For lovers of sophisticated formulations have a very intricate recipe for the treatment of liver cysts. Gather mugwort, valerian, striped, violet, walnut leaves, nettle, fruit zhostera, oregano, sorrel roots in equal parts. A knotweed, burdock root and everlasting gather in parts, 4 times more than the previous ones.

Add to that 6 parts of Hypericum. All this wealth pour 500 ml of boiling water to 3 tablespoons. l. the resulting mixture, put in a dark place for 12 hours. When the mixture infusion, strain and take folk remedy 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals. Take this infusion of 4 weeks, then take a week break.

Liver cyst. How to treat liver cyst celandine?

This herb celandine, also helps to cure the liver cyst. Collect a lot of spring celandine. Make juice out of it. For example, the leaves and stems of this folk remedy, you can skip through the meat grinder. Just do it gently, like a refined salty juice with lots of splashes and are not very satisfied with this content. Allow the juice to settle. Drain the juice of the grid.

Take the juice in the cure of the liver cyst, followed by a drop for the drop. On the first day, one drop of juice drips in a teaspoon of water, the second day — two drops and so on. When you drink 10 drops, take a break for 10 days.

Repeated treatment is carried out with juice of celandine somewhat differently. A teaspoon of the juice is dissolved in 5 teaspoons of water. Three times a day, take 1 spoonful an hour before meals. The course also lasts 10 days. Do not forget that the celandine is very toxic. Any overdose can be very harmful to your health. Therefore, if you choose this recipe, clearly observe the schedule and dosage. If you get sick, stop taking the juice.

If you do not recover, ultrasound does not diagnose any positive changes. Stop the treatment of the liver cyst independently. Be sure to consult a doctor.

Treatment of folk remedies. This is not the only panacea. It is important to monitor their diet. Because taking medications and eating fried potatoes at night is unlikely to justify your expectations for a quick recovery.


Liver cyst.




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