Juice for the liver.

Juice for the liver.

Juice for the liver.


Juice for the liver. I’d never trust a particularly traditional medicine, did not believe that with the help of herbs can cure serious diseases. But only as long as the traditional medicine did not help my brother. Even in the very early years he had suffered hepatitis, after which, as is known, the liver for life remains ill.

Here are a half dozen years, he revealed cirrhosis in the early stages. While the brother was in the hospital, we often visited him and, of course, a lot of communicating with relatives of sick people. In particular, I became friends with a woman who seemed to know the recipes from all diseases. Somehow, I was filled, became pry that can help my brother.

«Herbs for the treatment of liver a lot», — she said — But the main thing is to want to recover, take care of nature with an open mind. And, of course, a way of life should be changed — no drop of alcohol, fatty, spicy — anything that is harmful to the liver. «

And because it is very popular recipes advise to try milk thistle and dandelion jam. Milk thistle can now be bought in any drugstore. I even planted it in the garden to be treated grass grown with their own hands. We used milk thistle, or rather its seeds, as follows:

daily rate of seeds (30 g) need to grind in a coffee grinder and take 1 hr. a spoonful of powder diluted in a third cup of warm water. Take 5 times a day for 20 minutes before meals, at regular intervals.

Within a week of the liver has become easier, it feels better. A month later, the pain disappeared and the outward signs of the disease. But the brother continued the treatment for 3 months.

Simultaneously, our patient was eating dandelion jam, which I have prepared according to the recipe of my new friend.

It is necessary to dial 200 dandelion flowers and mix them with one chopped lemon. All this pour 1 liter of water and left for 6 hours. Then squeeze through two layers of cheesecloth, add 1 kg of sugar and cook for 1.5 hours.

To taste this jam is somewhat reminiscent of honey, that’s his brother and ate sweets instead, as I wanted, every day.

After such treatment, even doctors were surprised-being of his patient. Now every year his brother enough to hold two monthly preventive treatment thistle. Although each summer our family gather dandelions and cook the jam — delicious and help of many ailments.

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