Iodine deficiency.

Iodine deficiency.

Iodine deficiency.

The danger of iodine deficiency?

Most of us know about iodine in childhood, when my mother cut her finger with an alcohol lubricates the pharmacy solution. Patients endocrinologist much more aware, but most women do not know how and why there is a deficiency of this trace element unique. Today we talk about the importance of iodine for health and tell about what threatens its deficit.


Advance reservation, we are not talking about iodine, with which we treat minor cuts, blocking access to the wound microbes. The body can absorb only iodine salt, the so-called iodide. What are they so important?

The thyroid gland secretes the hormone thyroxine. By itself it has little active, but in the presence of iodine is converted to an active form that affects the metabolic processes (water-salt, protein, fat, carbohydrate, heat transfer, cell growth and division, work liver and cardiovascular systems). Simply put, the iodine is something like a mediator between the thyroid and metabolism.

The problem is that most women are not even aware of the lack of iodine, because its manifestations are disguised as other diseases.

Symptoms of iodine deficiency.

According to statistics, every sixth inhabitant of Russia (including children) experiencing iodine deficiency. At the same time, not all know how to manifest this problem.

From the nervous system there are constant tiredness, lethargy, irritability, decreased performance, increased fatigue, even bouts of depression.

There are psychological problems: deteriorating memory, attention, women complain of decreased ability for intellectual work.

Wilt immunity and resistance to diseases (including infectious). In marked iodine deficiency manifest themselves gynecological problems: breast disease, menstrual disorders, infertility can occur, increasing the number of abortions, early menopause …

Suffer the heart (arrhythmia) and blood vessels (atherosclerosis, increase or decrease pressure). There are swelling under the eyes, the hands and feet (diuretics do not help).

If time does not begin treatment, the risk of complications, for example, non-toxic diffuse goiter (enlarged thyroid gland without disrupting its operation).

enhancing, he presses on nearby organs, causing a dry cough.

One of the signs of iodine deficiency can be called the condition of the skin. It becomes dry and loses elasticity, becomes waxy.

It is easier to prevent.

Iodine must be replenished. Doctors called the necessary and sufficient amount of its consumption: 120-150 mg per day. This food is the main and best source of iodine replenishment, but not all and not always have the opportunity to use it.

The greatest amount of iodine include seafood: fish oil, seaweed, fish (herring, flounder, sea trout, cod, and its liver), eggs.

! It will be appreciated that it is better to consume foods or raw
expose the minimum heat treatment.

The recommended diet includes meat, milk and dairy products, eggs, vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, green pepper, garlic, beans), fruits.

But this is inefficient in the case of the products produced in the regions of iodine deficiency in the soil.

Iodized salt can make up to 30% of the daily requirement of iodine. But by heating the product loses its beneficial properties, so adding iodised salt should already cooked food.

The recommended daily intake of 5-6 g.
Always make sure of a shelf life. There are two iodine salt compound: iodide and iodate.

The latter is considered more resistant: this salt can be stored for 2 years, with the iodide salt — only 6 months.

The last word for the doctor.

We must remember that one thing is the prevention of the disease and another — her treatment. Pharmacy network offers several products to compensate for iodine deficiency, but their choice should be in accordance with the recommendations of the endocrinologist.

So, Yodbalans prevents the development of goiter, but it should be taken only under the supervision of an endocrinologist. Even iodine supplements as Jodomarin, Yodin, Iodine-assets should not be taken alone and unchecked. Type of drug and its dosage are selected only after a detailed analysis.

iodine deficiency


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