Intestinal flu.

Intestinal flu.

Intestinal flu.

Intestinal flu. Or when antibiotics do not help.

The intestinal flu (stomach or gastrointestinal flu) — an acute disease that is caused by different viruses, most rotavirus, so the disease is also called rotavirus. This is one of «Disease of dirty hands», and good hygiene is very important.

It also happens that the problem of indigestion is not as food, when not bacteria, and viruses have upset the balance in our digestive tract. Then treatment must be different because antibiotics in this situation powerless.

The saddest thing is that the intestinal flu (it is about him, and now it will go) often fall ill young children first year of life or older, because their immune system is not able to withstand this infection.

Other age groups are less likely to get sick, weak, but may be carriers of the virus. Therefore, you can not ride like a disease.

Symptoms of the disease.

Intestinal flu is accompanied by a rise in temperature to 38-39 ° C, weakness and general malaise.

However, signs of intestinal flu is often confused with other gastrointestinal diseases, because the main manifestation of the disease — is loose stools.

Acute diarrhea accompanied by abdominal pain, but severe pain are rare, more often it rumbling in the stomach. In addition, the patient may experience redness of the eyes, sore throat and the mucous membrane of the throat, as with any other viral infection, may cause a runny nose and a cough, which often pass quickly.

Recovery usually occurs at the end of the week after the first symptoms. In most cases, complications from an intestinal flu do not appear.

Treatment of folk remedies.

There are many popular recipes that can help in the treatment, the more that medicine has no clear recommendations on this subject and treatment is only symptomatic.

10 g of pine buds pour a glass of boiling water and using a water bath simmer for 30 minutes. Insist half an hour and strain. Drink 100 g after meals several times a day — it is an effective remedy for intestinal flu.

Half stack of honey dissolved in a glass of water, add lemon juice (1 small lemon). Take 3 times a day for a glass.

For adults fit the following extract: mix equal proportions of hips, linden flowers, chamomile, and willow bark. 5 g of this collection need to brew in a glass of water, strain after 10 minutes. Drink 80 ml once or twice a day before meals.

Questions about intestinal flu.

Does the flu shot while the intestinal flu.

Do not confuse two different diseases. Of course, some symptoms of regular flu resemble symptoms of gastrointestinal flu — headache, symptoms of intoxication, aching joints, fever.

However, vaccination against it can not protect against rotavirus infection. Although the West has developed a vaccine that can protect against it.

The virus is a gastrointestinal flu quite tenacious, how to destroy him?

One of the causative agents of intestinal flu (norovirus) for a few hours can remain alive in the home, even after cleaning, so it is best to wash your hands with soap and running water, it is more effective than the use of other means for the hands (wipes, spray).

Intestinal flu

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