Infusions and Charges from otitis media.

Infusions and Charges from otitis media.

Infusions and Charges from otitis media.

The use of phyto-infusions is an important part of the complex treatment of the disease at home. The duration of the course is from three days to a week.

Mono Infusions

  1. A teaspoon of fresh green ivy buds is added to 0.25 ml of boiling water. Filter after one hour. Drink a quarter cup with hearing loss caused by inflammation of the middle ear.
    The plant is poisonous. In case of an overdose, there is increased salivation, sweating and pain in the stomach.
  2. A handful of lingonberry leaves are steamed with a mug of boiled moisture for forty minutes. Drink, if there is adhesive otitis media, in half a cup twice.
  3. A teaspoon of dried lemon balm leaves is steamed with a cup of boiled liquid, leaving it under the lid for an hour. After filtration, they drink half the volume, repeating up to four times a day. Helps eliminate pain and tinnitus.
  4. Twelve hours in a liter of boiling water withstand three large tablespoons of crushed raspberry root. Drink with purulent otitis 600 ml per day.
  5. A large spoonful of stigmas of corn is insisted for half an hour in a glass of boiling water. Drink 100 ml three times on an empty stomach, adding a little fresh honey. The recipe is recommended for the treatment of a catarrhal type of inflammatory process.
  6. With the advanced form of otitis media prepare tansy infusion. A teaspoon of flowers in a mug of boiling water insist an hour. After the extraction, they drink a third of the cup three times.
    Such treatment is strictly contraindicated for children.
  7. Fifteen grams of the color of a heart-shaped linden is poured with a mug of boiled moisture for twenty minutes. They drink the filtered folk remedy as tea up to four times a day for acute and chronic otitis media. It can be consumed by children. In a similar way, an infusion of chamomile and nettle is prepared and taken.

Infusions and Charges from otitis media.

  1. Prepare a collection of four parts of plantain leaves, marigold flowers, and a series of grass taken in four parts. Three parts of eucalyptus leaves are added, two each — licorice root, pine buds and yarrow grass. A teaspoon of the mixture in a glass of boiling water is insisted for about one hour. Filter and drink during the day. The composition is recommended for compresses.
  2. Stinging nettle and rosehip berries are mixed evenly. The mixture is well ground. A couple of spoons are steamed with a liter of boiled liquid, leaving to cool. Filter. Instead of tea, give children (you can drink and adults) from ear congestion.
    It is not recommended for people with a tendency to thrombophlebitis.
  3. Purely connect the leaves of eucalyptus, lavender grass, yarrow, dandelion root and celandine. The mixture is ground. Two large spoons in 500 milliliters of boiling water overnight insist under the lid. Drink in strained form for a third of a glass three times. The infusion is also suitable for internal compresses.
  4. Poultry mountain grass, marshmallow root, peppermint grass, evading peony root, blueberry shoots and calendula flowers are mixed evenly. A handful of collection is steamed with half a liter of boiling water and left for eight hours at room temperature. Drink a third of the cup three times.
  5. Prepare a mixture of flowers taken in the same number of immortelle flowers, sweet clover grass, mountaineer root, meadowsweet color, mistletoe shoots, pine buds. Grind and select 1 tbsp. l 400 ml of boiling water is boiled overnight. Use on the fourth part of the cup twice, if there is a noise in the ears.
Infusions and Charges from otitis media.
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