Inflammatory arthritis.

Inflammatory arthritis.

Inflammatory arthritis.

Wrapping arthritis.

Gout used wrapping. «Spanish cloak» When the articular rheumatism. Inflammatory arthritis.
How to do it.

Stitch the cloak of thick canvas. It should be wide type shirt sleeves, it should be front crosslinked.

In cold or warm water wetted the cloak, and put on his squeeze. The edges of the cloak should go one on another front.

Inflammatory arthritis.

On the patient lies down blanket, hiding them tightly. Air access to block and quilt cover up from the top. Cloak worn wet blankets and shelter needs very quickly.

This wrap extends from 1 to 2 hours.

How does it wrap? To see this, look closely at the water, which, after use, will wash coat.

Water is muddy and dirty, because the procedure is done greatly expands the pores, as well as remove the «salt» and «toxins».

If a cloak dipped in a decoction of pine branches, hay dust, oat straw, anti-inflammatory and cleansing action will intensify the procedure.

Inflammatory arthritis.

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