In the treasury of recipes.

In the treasury of recipes.

In the treasury of recipes.

In the treasury of recipes.

How to get rid of gastritis?
Slowly drink mustard seed with water. Start with one seeds, and increased to 25 seeds (if the age of 40 years). And 40 to drink from 1 to 20 mustard seeds. Then 1 to reduce back seeds. Drink in the morning before breakfast. Pregnant women can not.

Worried nosebleed?
Dilute a small amount of vinegar (apple or table) or alum with cold water. Head keep straight. Not to worry, and that is stronger than blood. Is drawn into the nose of the solution.

Worryingly hypertension?
A glass of honey, a glass of carrot juice, half a cup of juice horseradish and mix the juice of 2 lemons wooden spatula. Close and remove to a warm place.
Take through 2 hours after eating or one hour before meals for 1 h. Spoon 3 times a day.

The problem with freckles?
In the evening, wipe the face is very salty water. Do not rub. Leave overnight. In the morning wash with some water infused with lemon. Continue the procedure until the person is clean.
For oily skin with freckles few drops of lemon juice to drip into the egg white (if you have dry skin, the yolk). Apply on face for 20 minutes, 2 times a week. While on the face mask — do not laugh, relax. Well rinse with warm decoction of parsley.

Problem — runny nose?
The tea in boiling water to pour in 0.5 cups of apple cider vinegar, and, hidden, making inhalation. Or put cotton wool soaked in honey, and hold for 10 minutes, first in one nostril, then the other. «

When tortured runny nose.
If you tortured runny nose, dissolve in 100 g of fresh juice of beetroot 30 grams of honey. Bury 5-6 drops into each nostril every 4-5 day. It’s nice to help in acute and prolonged cold.

Particularly good effect is obtained by using such a mixture at a cold in children caused by growths in the nasopharynx adenoid. Drops improve breathing, reduce mucus.

When sinusitis and sinus disease will help to cope with the honeycomb. For 4-6 hours to 15 minutes every hour or chew a piece of honeycomb and honey directly. Then spit chewed wax weight. By the end of the day your nose starts to breathe freely, the pain stops. Another week chew honeycomb times a day to prevent a possible recurrence

Beets for hypertensive.
Hypertension useful beets is simply boiled, but can be especially useful infusion beet juice.
For the preparation you need to take four cups of beet juice and honey, add 100 g of grass cudweed marsh and pour all 0.5 liters of vodka. Mix well, infuse for 10 days in a tightly sealed container in a cool dark place. After this infusion to drain.

Take tincture 1-2 Art. spoon 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.
In general, beet is one of the most useful vegetables that can assist with the huge number of ailments. Mixed with honey, it is used as an ointment with shingles.

With beet can get rid of dandruff. Beetroot has a strong diuretic effect, its juice from the leaves and roots are being drawn into the nose with a cold, headache leaves placed on the forehead. Fresh beet juice helps to improve metabolism.

Medicine for goiter.
Somehow, it is believed that the crop can not be cured without drugs, but I coped with this task, and in just two months. I helped this way:

Mix a glass of alcohol, half glass partitions walnut and 50 g of propolis. Infuse two weeks in a dark place and take 10-12 drops 3 times a day. As I have said, I have to be treated for two months, but in any case not to miss a single day. Try it, maybe it’s an easy way to help you, too.

The relieve toothache?
How painful is a toothache, everyone knows who has ever experienced it. But it seems to me that the most unpleasant toothache — when a toothache for a crown.

After all, nothing to attach, and until you get to the doctor, the pain just izvedet.

In my last year in the country under the crown of a tooth ache.
It is necessary to mix for 1 hour. Spoon fine salt and soda and brushing teeth with the powder 3 times daily for 3-4 minutes, and the need to rinse the mouth after 5-10 minutes after brushing.

It works perfectly, so all of his advice. But, of course, this is a temporary measure, the teeth still should be treated by a dentist.

Red beetroot

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