If the skin is sensitive.

If the skin is sensitive.

If the skin is sensitive.

If the skin is sensitive. Tightness, peeling, itching, dryness, redness — such problems are faced by women with sensitive skin. It is very vulnerable due to damage to the epidermis resulting from adverse environmental factors, stress or aggressive cosmetics.

Sensitive skin needs a sufficient amount of vitamins A, C, B3, azulene, calcium, magnesium.

To soften and moisturize sensitive skin, try a sage and avocado mask.

First, prepare a sage decoction: 2 tbsp. l. Pour dry herbs with a glass of water, boil for 5-10 minutes, strain. Mix 15 g of broth with 20 g of avocado pulp, add yolk.
Apply the mixture to your face, rinse off with warm water after 40 minutes.

Hydrolat with mint and chamomile will help reduce inflammation and tone sensitive skin.

1 tbsp. l. mint mix with 1 tbsp. l. chamomile, pour a glass of boiling water, cover the dishes with a lid and leave for 30 minutes. With the prepared infusion, wipe your face in the morning and evening.
Important! Store hydrolat in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

In the fight against rashes, it is worth trying an infusion of bitter wormwood.

2 tbsp. l. dry herbs, pour a glass of boiling water, cover the dishes and leave for an hour. Wipe the inflammation with a cotton pad twice a day.
The shelf life of the infusion, if stored in the refrigerator, is three days.


Anti-aging facial skin care requires an integrated approach. To stop the appearance of wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity, you need to take care of cleansing and nourishing. Together with cosmetics, decoctions and infusions from:

rose hips; hops; thyme; rosemary; calendula; celandine.

Amino acids, which are also part of the chemical composition of hops, activate cell renewal processes and stimulate collagen production. Therefore, cosmetics made from hop cones not only smooth out old wrinkles, but also prevent the appearance of new ones.

A decoction of hop cones will help to give the skin elasticity.

Take 1 tbsp. l. hop cones and plantain, pour the dry mixture with a glass of boiling water, boil over low heat for 10-15 minutes. Cool the finished broth and strain. Wipe your cleansed face twice a day.

Rosemary is a real find for tired and flabby skin. It contains B vitamins.

Toner with rosemary and apple cider vinegar can help reduce wrinkles and clear age spots.

Take equal parts fresh rosemary, apple cider vinegar, and purified water. Finely chop the rosemary with a knife, mix with water and vinegar, leave for 2 hours. Use a face wash mixture once a day.

To even out the skin tone and combat pigmentation, you can prepare, for example, such an infusion of licorice root.

2 tbsp. l. pour the herbs with a glass of boiling water, leave overnight. Strain the infusion and wipe your face with it in the morning and evening.
Licorice root contains a valuable element — koic acid, which:

stops the production of melanin;
has antimicrobial action;
provides an antioxidant effect;
reduces the risk of sunburn.

If the skin is sensitive.

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