Ice is in the service of beauty.

Ice is in the service of beauty.

Ice is in the service of beauty.

Ice is in the service of beauty. Cryomassage with ice cubes is also an excellent cosmetic procedure, which is easy to organize at home. To do this, prepare ice from a decoction of herbs in advance.

For example: for a glass of boiling water 2-3 teaspoons of collecting herbs (birch leaves, chamomile, sage). You can also add 1 green tea bag. Cool, pour into molds and put into the freezer.

Cryomassage combines the use of basic massage techniques (rubbing, stroking). This procedure perfectly removes swelling, gives the skin elasticity, tones, reduces pores, improves complexion.

! Like any cosmetic procedure, cryomassage has contraindications: the presence of pustules, allergic reactions to cold, the stage of exacerbation of herpes, rosacea, epilepsy, migraine and frequent headaches.

Do not massage your face with snow from the street. The composition of the snow can contain dangerous impurities, and the very structure of snowflakes at the micro level can scratch the skin and provoke inflammation.

Cryomassage of the face for rejuvenation

Cryomassage of the face is a type of cryotherapy. It is a procedure during which a short-term effect of cold is exerted on the skin of the face. This allows you to remove warts, papillomas, blackheads on the face, acne, acne scars, and allergic skin rashes.

The inflamed areas are exposed to liquid nitrogen, thereby destroying the bacteria that cause acne. Cryomassage also gives a truly wonderful rejuvenating effect.

After the action of nitrogen, a crust appears on the problem areas, which disappears after a few days. During the session, the patient feels tingling and slight coldness. Women who have already tried the effect of liquid nitrogen say that after the session the skin begins to breathe.

Cryomassage of the face is recommended to be done 2-3 times a week, and if your goal is simply to maintain an excellent appearance, then two courses a year is quite enough. If you need to get rid of some cosmetic defects, then the courses will have to be repeated more often.

Of course, only a doctor can treat the skin with liquid nitrogen. And here is cryomassage in pieces
regular ice can be made easily at home!

Cryosauna for immunity and tone

A visit to the cryochamber (this unit is also called a cryosauna) looks like this. A patient in a bathing suit, socks and mittens enters the cryo chamber, which looks like a familiar solarium.

Next, liquid nitrogen gas is introduced into the chamber, and the patient’s body is rapidly cooled. The air is cooled down to –20 ° C, and the person is in the cell for 5-10-20 minutes. Due to the fact that cold stimulates a sharp narrowing of blood vessels, and then their sharp expansion, the entire blood supply system is strengthened.

This «shock therapy» provokes the earliest mobilization of the body’s defenses and gives it a good «jolt», thanks to which most of the hidden resources of our body are activated.

• Due to the effect of cold on the entire body as a whole, a powerful release of endorphins occurs in the cryochamber. It becomes an excellent immunostimulant, hardens and strengthens the body, increasing its protective abilities, and allows you to successfully resist colds.

• In addition, this healing technique is an excellent prevention of all types of stress: thanks to it, the natural psychophysical tone of the personality improves, the hormonal background is improved.

• This method allows you to fight cellulite and obesity. Currently, cryotherapy is actively practiced in beauty salons.

Ice is in the service of beauty.

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