Do you have a low sugar? Stop eating sweets! Hypoglycemia.
«The disease capricious» or cause for depression?
Feeling of constant fatigue, we must constantly make efforts. It’s hard to make every effort. No matter how many people slept. Wakes up tired and unhealthy.

These complaints are typical for patients with low blood sugar. Usually this condition the doctors do not investigate, most of them are stubbornly reluctant to admit such a thing as hypoglycemia — they call it «capricious disease.»


But hypoglycaemia is not new, this phenomenon doctors have faced almost immediately after the discovery of insulin.
When introduced into the body of his large doses appeared very unpleasant symptoms: a man felt a sharp weakness, chills, appeared clammy sweat, trembling of the hands, nervousness and overexcitement, in some cases, came to fainting and convulsions.

But doctors also noticed that some patients had similar symptoms and without insulin. In carrying out their analyzes on blood sugar curve (not disposable blood sugar analysis and long — within 5-6 hours), it was found that when the above symptoms in the blood sugar level was low.

Relief of symptoms occurred in these cases, in a matter of minutes while the patient received ate sugar or glucose injection.
But! Doctors have found that after the patient ate sugar, blood sugar levels fell!

Causes of low blood sugar.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia.

(By frequency of occurrence):

• Nervousness, irritability — 90-94%;
• depletion — 87%;
• fainting, dizziness, trembling, cold sweats, hot flashes, or
feeling that it throws hot and cold — 77%;
• dizziness, nausea — 73%;
• drowsiness — 71%;
• headaches — 71%;
• indigestion — 69%;
• forgetfulness — 67%;
• insomnia, anxiety and worry — 62%;
• palpitations and rapid heart rate — 54%;
• muscle pain, cramps — 53%;
• numbness of the limbs (numbness) — 51%.

Among other symptoms (less than 50% of patients) were inadequate. Asocial behavior, bouts of crying, lack of sexual motivation, impotence, allergies, muscle twitches and tics, itching and feeling like someone crawling on the skin, stuttering, seizures uncontrollable yawning, night terrors and nightmares, rheumatoid arthritis, phobias, atopic dermatitis, suicidal and others.

More than 75% of patients with hypoglycaemia complain of depression. If the patient does not have any visible causes of depression, then the organism must be examined. You should check your blood sugar.

The criteria for diagnosis.

Normal sugar curve shows the level of sugar on an empty stomach 3,3-5,5 mmol / l during the first hour should be to raise the blood sugar level — 50% higher than the level of sugar on an empty stomach, the second hour blood glucose level should return to a level close to that which was on an empty stomach, and to remain in this range even throughout the 6-hour test.

Lose weight.

Prediabetes — the inevitable companion of people who are overweight. It is therefore necessary to closely monitor the weight, not to exhaust yourself diets, but also to prevent a set of extra kilos, because even a slight increase in weight significantly increases the risk of pre-diabetes to diabetes. However, diabetes can also develop in a rather thin man, and this too should not forget.

Herbs for diabetes prevention.

Folk remedies protect the body of the human body from diabetic lesions of the cardiovascular system. Also retina is the eyes, kidneys and liver. Most importantly, I distance the time of complications. Collection of herbs can be used in combination with medicines. Using phytotherapy can improve the health of patients. But you need to regularly eat herbs for 3-4 weeks.

• Take equal parts of the leaf blackberry, ash, nettle, horsetail herb, and valerian root.
Pour 2 tbsp. spoon collection 1 liter of boiling water and infuse for 3 hours and drain. Take 0,5 cup after a meal every 4 hours.

• Take equally grass St. John’s wort, horsetail, burdock root, licorice root, mountain ash fruits, mint leaf. 2 tbsp. spoon collection pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, leave overnight to infuse, strain. Drink-thirds cup 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. Course of treatment 2-3 months.

Herbs for diabetes prevention.

• lingonberry leaf, plantain, currants, bearberry, cuff, Helichrysum flowers, grass centaury, mint, juniper fruit mixed in equal proportions. 2 tbsp. spoon collection to fill a thermos 0.5 liters of boiling water, 1 hour, drain. Drink-thirds cup 4 times a day for 20 minutes before eating. Course of treatment 2-3 months.

• In the initial stage to collect grass galega drug diabetes (milk vetch) before flowering and prepare the infusion: Pour 1 tbsp. spoon herbs 1 cup boiling water and infuse, wrapped, for 2 hours. Drink 1 tbsp. spoon 3-4 times a day. every
3-4 weeks is necessary to make a break for 5-10 days.

C p e d a t in a herbal medicine can significantly reduce blood sugar levels, but to fully restore the normal exchange of substances they are not always available. The best effect of the popular ways to prevent and treat diabetes can be achieved only if a strict healthy lifestyle.

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Hypoglycemic diet.




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