Hypertensive heart disease.

Hypertensive heart disease.

Hypertensive heart disease.

Hypertension, referred to as diseases of the century. Hypertensive heart disease. She-result neurosis, in particular vascular dysregulation peripheral circulation. It tak called — a disease of impaired regulation. Everything starts with the so-called neuro dystonia of hypertensive type. Here at this stage of vascular neurosis would be good «in the bud» to intercept the development of hypertension. How this can be done without resorting to medication pharmacy, we’ll talk.

Choosing effective methods of home treatment.

Recently Institute naturopathic was tested a large number of available and most effective means of home treatment of hypertension initial stages.

The list includes: self-control, mental hygiene, self-hypnosis, autogenic training. And most importantly — the cultivation of goodwill. Which is easy to appease, tolerance, optimism, love of nature. Everything that allows the Japanese to avoid neurosis.

Of great importance is physiotherapy. Including self-massage, rhythmic-plastic gymnastics, skiing and cycling. Also close tourism, easy work in the garden and in the garden, swimming, etc.

The same assessment gets interesting creative work. It should bring moral and aesthetic pleasure. Home is embroidery, knitting, wood carving, drawing, etc. That is, a job where your hands will be tied to your head and heart.

At the institute, we often observe a neutralizing effect on women with hypertension of such jobs. For example, knitting and embroidery, to extreme weather conditions. And those who these days are accustomed to sit for hours and watch TV. On the contrary, there were headaches and heart pains, and the pressure increased.

The three golden rules.

1. The choice of profession, occupation — is a tricky business. If you have a hereditary disease, you should avoid work related to frequent stress, night vigils, travel. Go to the creative work related to manual labor, contact with nature, the creation of good, and not for profit.

2. Stresses are not in themselves to us, but how we react to them. Here the best antidote — humor and tolerance. Better yet, avoid unpleasant, angry and vengeful people and conflict situations. Permanent benevolent smile — a means to neutralize the stress.

3. In the «golden three» anti-hypertension diet included. The main thing — vegetable food with a minimum of sharp, fried foods, especially meat. But herbal products should be used not less than 700 grams per day.

Particularly useful are carrots, cabbage, parsley, watermelon, melon, pumpkin, beets, and, of course, garlic and berries. Preference is given to blood-red berries of hawthorn, Aroniarowan.

A hawthorn flowers with yellow sweet clover, peppermint and lemon, oregano, thyme (taking a pinch) go to tea.

Let’s talk about diet.

Naturopaths high blood pressure account for the use of protein foods: meat, eggs, cheese, peas, beans. Therefore, our institute scientists advise people with high blood pressure to eat more carbohydrates: fruits, vegetables, herbs, berries and honey.

Be sure to eat apples, grapes, cranberries, or their juices (they are organic acids) and juice (freshly squeezed) is necessary to drink at least 4 cups a day! And salty products exclude all, since salt water retention in the body, increasing blood pressure.

Because high blood pressure is recommended to monitor the level of cholesterol in the blood, even in the diet is necessary to limit the cholesterol-rich foods: fatty meats, cheeses,
fat dairy products, but especially all kinds of sausages, pates and other prepared meat products.

Currently, the list of banned foods rich in cholesterol eggs or seafood are not included, because they help normalize cholesterol metabolism in the body. Also, do not completely exclude dairy fats from the diet.

Gymnastics, self-massage and auto-suggestion formula.

To release another pressure surge. And even better to prevent it when changing the weather, waiting for stress, etc. We recommend to do the massage yourself.

These are the hands stroking a forehead from a nose to ears, a face. From the forehead to the chin («wash»). Whiskey — the tips of the middle and index fingers. Neck — from the neck to the shoulder blades. The shoulder girdle (“epaulettes”), shoulder, wrist, and knee joints are between the palms.

Each of these methods is repeated 15 times, saying to myself exhale formula of auto-suggestion: «I am calm, no worries. I am completely calm.

Vessels of my heart and the brain relaxed, the head becomes light, my heart is calm and relaxed, my blood vessels relaxed. The head became light. In the heart there was a feeling of warmth. » But at your convenience these formulas can be changed.

As for the gym.

To prevent pressure surges and relieve vascular spasms, mowing is effective. It is best to perform with the help of a stick, rhythmic gymnastics, plastics and other similar exercises.

Gymnastics plastic rhythm.

Smooth flying of feathers, an exercise like rotation, bent back and forth in the shoulders and elbows of the arms. Sequential vibrations of straightened arms back and forth. Bending and unbending the knees of the opposite leg in a slightly bent position. Mahi themselves straightened their arms forward, simultaneously with the squatting.

Hypertensive heart disease.




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