From «udder of bitch» has disappeared.

Working under the open sky and in the cold and in the heat, you can catch a cold. One arm naryvchiki began to appear, which quickly turned into boils. Raise the temperature, the pain was excruciating. The surgeon has diagnosed — hydrogenic ( «bitch udder») and said that it is necessary to operate.

Cut, I was afraid and asked for a delay at the doctor, I began to search for popular recipes
in my grandmother’s notebooks. When found the recipe, I took up the treatment and then never regretted about it.

50 g of dark soap I rubbed on a fine grater, the same amount of onions, I mince and all mixed. Melt 150 grams of pork fat and interior poured it into the prepared mass and rapidly stirring chilled. I kept in a jar in the refrigerator.

On a small piece of gauze imposed this ointment 3 mm thick and is applied to the sores. Top — polyethylene, fixed the patch. I have 2 times (morning and evening). If pus is stretched rapidly, then I changed the compress every 3-4 hours.

When He is seen in the center of the trunk of the boil, then pulled it out with tweezers disinfected. After 10 days of «udder of bitch» is not even a trace.

May God give you health and happiness!


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