How to move the heat without consequences.

How to handle the heat.

How to move the heat without consequences.

In many regions of the summer season stands out very hot. Therefore, many suffer severe weather, heat exhausts, productivity drops, loss of appetite, cardiovascular system. Try to cope with increased loads. Various chronic diseases aggravate. How to transfer hot weather with minimal risk to health. Save energy and efficiency? How to move the heat without consequences.

How to move the heat without consequences.

It’s a dangerous summer heat.
It is known that the human body has a constant temperature of 36.6 °. When the environment is close to this value, the thermostatic system starts to work with large congestion.

To the body to cool, he must sweat a lot. But this only works when dry air with high humidity is difficult. There is a risk of overheating the body. This leads to general weakness, weakness, headaches, drowsiness, breathing, tachycardia.

The worst people with heat transfer have problems with the cardiovascular system, lungs and kidneys. In addition to high temperature, worsens health and hypoxia. This is a lack of oxygen in the air. This often happens in extreme heat. Because of this, even young and healthy people feel discomfort.

Rules of conduct in the heat.

1. Clothing. Summer forgets about the tight and closed clothing of synthetic fabrics, in warm clothes, shirts, blouses and t-shirts made of linen, cotton or silk bright colors. Do not hesitate to wear shorts, sandals and sandals.

Avoid neckties and narrow waist belts. Use wide-brimmed hats and baseball caps with a large edge to protect your head from overheating. Under the scorching sun it is desirable to wear an umbrella and a fan.

2. Be careful with air conditioning. In the midst of these devices, it is necessary to establish the minimum difference in the environment. A large temperature drop threatens vascular spasms and severe cold.

How to move the heat without consequences.

3. What’s in the heat. Remember that in hot weather, the need for calories drastically reduces appetite and digestion. The main meal is better to be carried in the evening (45-50% of the diet), in the morning — 25-30%, and in the daytime — 20-25% of the total amount of food. Meat and fish dishes are best used for breakfast or dinner for better absorption. In order not to overload the stomach, food should be frequent. 4-5 times a day. And in small portions.

!! In hot weather, the acid-alkaline balance of the body shifts to acidosis. What causes general weakness and discomfort. To equalize the acid-base balance, foods that promote alkalization of blood are recommended. It’s all vegetables, fruits, dairy products.

Limited by products that acidify the internal environment. This fatty meat, fish, cheeses, fats, cereals, sugar and confectionery.
Ideal summer food — cold vegetable soups. For example, okroshka on kvass or kefir, botvinya, fruit soups. These dishes are easy to digest. Quench their thirst.

Naturally, in the heat you need to closely monitor the purity of the products. To avoid food poisoning and intestinal infections. Fruits, vegetables, herbs should be thoroughly washed in running water. Do not forget to wash your hands often before meals.

How to move the heat without consequences.
What and how much should you drink?

The heat should avoid drinks that disrupt the body’s thermoregulatory system: any soft drinks, alcoholic beverages (beer, cocktails, not to mention a strong product), black tea and coffee. In the hot season, when the temperature exceeds the limit of +30 °, adult per day may be required for at least 3 liters of fluid.

Consumed drinks should be refrigerated, but in any case, not the ice — liquid begins to be absorbed only when it is heated to body temperature.

Perfect for quenching thirst in the heat cool green tea, kvass, kefir, compote of berries and fruits. It is useful to regularly drink tea from the petals of the hibiscus (hibiscus), herbal teas based on hips, cranberries, sea buckthorn with addition of mint grass, lemon balm, catnip.

Drinks with licorice recommended period of adaptation to extreme heat, they normalize mineral metabolism and quench thirst.
Very good when brewing green tea powder add licorice root at the rate of 1 g per 1 liter of beverage.

How to move the heat without consequences.


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