How to make masks.

How to make masks.

How to make masks.

How to make masks. Improve the complexion.

Watermelon mask.

Many people like to eat watermelons. They are useful for the recovery of the body.

In addition, when applied to the skin, they enrich it with vitamins and trace elements, moisturize, promote cell renewal.

Procedures with them should be done every other day, at least 7-11 pieces per course. Distribute the pulp on the epidermis, after 15 minutes rinse with water at room temperature.

Banana mask.

To give the skin a radiant, velvety, freshness, you can apply masks of a banana.

Peel and grind a banana, take two tbsp. of puree, add one egg yolk, one tbsp. of homemade sour cream, one tsp. of liquid honey, mix everything, apply the mixture to the skin, leave it to soak for 20 minutes, after that time wash with a decoction of chamomile.

Tomato mask

Means moisturizes, nourishes, tones the skin. Remove the skin of a tomato, grate it, spread the porridge on the dermis, let it dry out and in 20 minutes wash it off with water.

The procedure is better done in the evening when you do not need to go outdoors, you can relax and nourish the skin with beneficial substances.

Argan oil

It is an effective rejuvenating product that can be used in its pure form. It can replace the night cream, get rid of dryness, peeling.

Apply it with a thin layer on problem areas, leave it until morning.

Beer-based mask

Beer will help to improve the complexion. It should be lively, not pasteurized.

Add one egg yolk to two tbsp. of beer and one tsp. of oat flour, mix everything and apply a thin layer to the dermis and wash off after 20 minutes.

Sprouted grains mask

Germinate wheat, mash it, take one tbsp. of cereal porridge, add one tsp. of cosmetic clay, mix the ingredients, apply to the skin, after 15-20 minutes shake off with a napkin, then wash with chamomile broth.

Potato mask

The remedy moisturizes, tones, and enriches with nutrients.

Grate a raw potato grater, add one tsp. of liquid honey and the same amount of homemade sour cream, mix components, apply to the skin, leave it to absorb for 20 minutes, then rinse.

Herbal ice cubes to improve the complexion

To improve the complexion, it is recommended to rub it with ice cubes made from a decoction of herbs.

Combine one tbsp. dried herbs mint, calendula, chamomile, yarrow, sage, herbal mixture pour two tbsp. steep boiling water, let stand for half an hour, then strain, pour into a bowl for making ice, put in the freezer to freeze.

In 7-8 hours, use ice cubes for their intended purpose.

How to make masks.

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