HERBS FOR thyroid.

HERBS FOR thyroid.

HERBS FOR thyroid.

Thyroid treatment. Treatment of diseases of folk remedies.

HERBS FOR thyroid. I’ve been on my experience that the best remedy for diseases of the thyroid gland — is viburnum. Every year it is harvested.

Take Kalina necessary daily 1-2 tbsp. spoon berries with a teaspoon of honey, washed down with hot water.

Kalina prepare for the winter is very simple:
in the three-liter jar to fill as will fit berries, sandwiching them with sugar, to bank — a kilogram of sugar. Keep refrigerated.

In the winter I only three three-liter jars. That’s how I get by with «a diagnosis for life» as often called hyperthyroidism.

HERBS FOR thyroid.
However, this recipe is not my only one. I have long studied the issue of the treatment of thyroid and happy to share information with interested people.

Recently, thyroid diseases are commonplace. All thyroid disease amenable herbal medicine can be divided into two groups: hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, in other words, when a lot of iodine, and when, on the contrary, is not enough.

This is essential, since many people with hyperactivity mistaken iodine-containing drugs than aggravate their condition. Immediately I want to recall that the decision on the application those or other medications, be sure to discuss with your doctor-endocrinologist.

Treatment of diseases of folk remedies.

Thyrotoxicosis, hyperthyroidism — the most unpleasant diagnosis. In this case, the thyroid gland produces sometimes a huge amount of thyroid hormones. The result is that a person is experiencing constant thirst and hunger, lose weight despite good appetite. There fine tremor of the limbs and even whole body.

The patient is very irritable, restless, often crying. Sometimes there are so-called ocular symptoms: bulging eyes of the optic fissure, pronounced eye shine «glare» and so on. Heart rate significantly increased heart work intermittently. The main reason for the treatment of patients to the doctor — severe heart rhythm disorders.

Treatment of hyperthyroidism can be realized not only by chemical drugs, but also due to the use of certain medicinal plants.

As an example of such herbs need to bring common cocklebur, Chernogolovka ordinary, tincture of walnut slats, bladder wrack, watch a three-sheeted, and others.

It should be noted that the use of medicinal plants as a part of fees makes it possible to act on both the hardware and eliminate some of the painful symptoms of hyperthyroidism.

So, cardiotropic plants are used to normalize heart rhythm, eliminating pain and discomfort in the heart. This category includes hawthorn blood-red, Androsace, field mint, Leonurus cardiaca.

HERBS FOR thyroid.

Particularly noteworthy are the plants, at the same time having the properties to reduce thyroid function, protect the heart from the toxic effects and reduce blood pressure. This herb: Marrubium vulgare, lycopus European, chickweed (slimy), Baikal skullcap.

Autoimmune thyroiditis is the most common. It is called inflammatory disease characterized by aggression of the immune system against its own tissues of the thyroid gland. As a result, cells die and hormone-producing function falls. There is a state of thyroid deficiency hormones in the body — hypothyroidism.

Plants to treat this condition in its composition containing iodine in various forms. The action of many plants reminiscent of the effect of hormone L-thyroxine. However, herbs are far more gently, which is important in case of hypersensitivity to L-thyroxine from the heart, as well as in the development of allergic or neutropenic response to the drug.

The most suitable plants for the treatment of the nodes in the thyroid with hypothyroidism are woodwax, common cocklebur, Scrophularia nodosa. The least popular shows seaweed kelp sugary and bladder wrack.

Typically, treatments are assigned to 1.5 months of continuous reception. Then make a two-week break, and then resume reception of herbs. So do three or four times that the total duration of treatment was at least 5-6 months.

HERBS FOR thyroid


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