Hemorrhoid juices.

Hemorrhoid juices.

Hemorrhoid juices.

Hemorrhoid juices. Freshly squeezed juices of vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants help boost immunity and speed up healing. The duration of therapy is set independently, focusing on the body’s response and the severity of symptoms.

Squeeze out juice from ripe berries of a common mountain ash. Three times a day, take one hundred milliliters, adding a teaspoon of honey and drinking clean moisture. Closed hemorrhoids open quickly with this treatment. The method is recommended for the treatment of the disease in pregnant women.Reception of juice is dangerous with heparacid gastritis and a tendency to thrombosis.

On a tablespoon, four times a day, use freshly harvested onion juice. To increase efficiency, the juice is mixed with linden honey (one to one).

Effectively eliminating the disease with potatoes. Raw potato juice is taken three times a day, half a cup. The recipe can be used to get rid of pathology in adults.
Cooked and stale potato juice contains solanine (a poisonous alkaloid) that can lead to serious poisoning.

Prepare a mix of lettuce, spinach and carrot juices (3: 2: 4). Take three times before meals.

Juice is squeezed out of melon pulp. Drink twice for ½ glass as a laxative for constipation.

Juice is extracted from overripe blackberries with dove. Take a tablespoon, repeating each time before a meal. The juice is useful for constipation and has an anti-inflammatory effect on internal hemorrhoids in children and adults.

Three times a day, twenty drops, take the juice of horse chestnut flowers. It is indicated for beginning inflammation in adults.

For hemorrhoidal bleeding, the juice of medicinal smoke is shown — a teaspoon three times a day.

To relieve inflammation in the internal form of the disease, use the juice of cucumber tops — a dessert spoon three times after meals.

On a teaspoon every time after a meal, take woodlice juice.

For constipation, freshly squeezed beet juice is shown — fifty milliliters on an empty stomach. The method can be used by women with breastfeeding and children.

Aloe juice is used to treat cracks. In an amount of 30 ml, it is mixed with a cup of water and drunk before meals, repeating the sessions three times.

Lemon juice helps in the treatment of chronic pathology — 1 tbsp. l. every two hours until relief.
Lemon juice should not be consumed by pregnant women. It is also dangerous for erosive gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.

Hemorrhoid juices.
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