Heartburn Methods

Heartburn Methods

Heartburn Methods


In order to forever forget about the symptoms of a pathological condition, two almonds are chewed every time after a meal. A similar effect is promised by pumpkin seeds.


If heartburn requires treatment during pregnancy, it is recommended to inhale a pair of juniper oil. For this, a special aromatic lamp is needed, where five drops of oil are dripped.


Ways to get rid of heartburn include eating fresh cucumbers. The vegetable juice has an alkaline PH, helping to eliminate the burning sensation in the mouth and behind the sternum. A particularly effective method is considered for an acute attack. It is enough to eat half the cucumber, and there will be no trace of discomfort.
Eating cucumbers is not recommended for prolonged use of diuretics and the presence of endocrine diseases.

Heartburn Methods


With belching that occurs after eating, folk doctors recommend chewing several walnut kernels.
In most cases, eating walnuts on the contrary leads to increased discomfort.
Also recommended is a quick reception on the subject of making nut jam. To do this, take 200 g of green nuts. Scroll them in a meat grinder. Fall asleep 400 g of sugar and for ten days, clean away from the sun. After taking a folk remedy every morning on an empty stomach, 1 tbsp. l


Some representatives of alternative treatment recommend cigarette ashes as a cure for heartburn. It should be diluted in water and drunk while burning in the esophagus.
The treatment method has nothing to do with effectiveness. On the contrary, ashes contain carcinogens, causing great harm to health.


To get rid of the unpleasant state of the house, it is enough to stock up with millet. Take a few large spoons, washed and lightly dried. With a strong attack, they eat about 10 g at a time. If the heartburn is constant, treatment occurs within a month — a spoonful of purified millet three times a day on an empty stomach.


A small grain of table salt is placed under the tongue and left until completely dissolved. Folk remedy is considered «first aid» in case of severe heartburn.


With increased acidity, baked pumpkin is prepared. Cut into small pieces and sprinkled with cinnamon. Eat about 100 g of goodies at a time. Repeat up to four times a day.


At home, dates help to overcome an attack of heartburn. Two things to chew after eating.

Heartburn Methods
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