Gym for the lazy stomach.

Gym for the lazy stomach.

Stomach problems.
Who of us at least once in his life did not complain of poor performance of the intestine or stomach pain or discomfort in the abdomen? After all, not everyone knows far that is in the place where there are unpleasant sensations.

Gym for the lazy stomach. Doctors are increasingly put such diagnoses as «lazy stomach» syndrome, dyspepsia, prescribe, of course, a variety of drugs, diet is recommended. But it is possible with the «lazy stomach» to fight anyway. For example, in addition to diet to start doing simple exercises. Try it! It’s simple and effective.

Can you call your stomach «lazy»?

Answer a few suggested questions.

1. Do feel the heaviness in the stomach, especially after eating?

2. Do complain of pain or discomfort in the epigastric region after eating?

3. Have a sense of early satiety testing or overfilling the stomach during a meal?

4. Are Worried feeling of nausea, heartburn, especially after a meal?

5. Is Sometimes you have bloating, flatulence?

6. Have regular violations of the chair There (diarrhea or constipation)?

Gym for the lazy stomach.

For each affirmative answer 1 point for each negative — 0 points. Now add up your points. If you scored:

0 points — you have to eat right, dyspepsia does not threaten you;

1 point — your meals close to the healthy, but needs some adjustment;

2-4 — you must be radically revise your diet and nutrition;

5-6 points — you pronounced dyspepsia, probably you eat poorly, we recommend a visit to the doctor-gastroenterologist.

So, if the results of the test are different from «0», you can say that you have «lazy stomach» and put it in medical terms — indigestion.

What is indigestion? Problems with the digestive system.
Simply put, it’s indigestion. The most common functional dyspepsia, which arises due to gastric motility disorders. This is the most widely known «lazy stomach syndrome». It is clear that for normal digestion of food the stomach is extremely important ability to rhythmically and coordinately reduced, crush food, process it and move on. «Lazy» When dyspepsia body. It lingers for a long time the food that causes discomfort.

To the stomach is not «lazy»:

Chew food thoroughly.
Try to eat a fractional (small portions, but often — 5-6 times a day) and regularly — every day at the same time.
Limit in the diet of animal fats (butter, fatty meats, sausages and so on. D.), Soft drinks, coffee, chocolate.
Watch your weight.
Do not eat before going to bed (no later than 2 hours before bedtime).
Avoid physical and nervous strain.
In addition to these simple rules offer little «to train» your stomach with a special gymnastics.

The complex of exercises for the stomach, read HERE >>>>>>>

Gym for the lazy stomach.

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