Gym for the lazy stomach.

Gym for the lazy stomach.

Stomach problems.
The complex of exercises for the stomach.

1. Lying on your back. Gym for the lazy stomach.

Legs straight, arms at your sides. Slowly turn to bend the legs at the knee. Breathe freely.

Lift the straight leg at a time.

On the exhale, sit on a breath return to its original position.

Put your hands under your head.

Gliding heels on the floor, bring your foot to the buttocks, knees dissolve in hand, trying to get them the floor. Then connect knees and heels slipping on the floor, straighten your legs.

Feet slightly dissolve in hand, bend at the knees, feet — horizontal to the floor. Tighten the foot as close as possible to the buttocks, return to starting position.

stomach digestion problems.

2. Sitting on a stool.

The legs straighten, hands on his knees. On the inhale dilute hand in hand, as you exhale lean forward, trying to reach the floor.

Hands on his belt. Gently lean forward on the inhale, exhale — lean back.

3. Standing.

Legs put on the foot width apart, hands on his belt to its original position. On the inhale lean forward as you exhale to return to its original position.

Run torso to the side.

Hands to the side. On the exhale, bend forward, placing his right hand back and trying to get the left toe of the right foot. On the inhale to return to starting position. Then perform a slope, changing hands.

Hands in front of chest. On the exhale, dissolve hands in the parties and rotate the torso to the left, on a breath return to its original position. This same movement to perform, turning to the right.

I wish you all health and joy of life! And let your gastrointestinal tract works like clockwork!

Gym for the lazy stomach.


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