Glaucoma causes symptoms.

Among people aged 40-50 years, glaucoma suffers from 1.5-2%. However, the older the person, the greater the likelihood of developing the disease.

Glaucoma is associated with impaired outflow of fluid from the eye for the thinnest tubules.

The main symptom of the disease is an increase in intraocular pressure (IOP). What is detrimental to the optic nerve. As a result, incurable blindness may occur. The first signs of glaucoma may be a feeling of fogging. Or the appearance of bright circles in the morning. However, the disease most often occurs without any symptoms.

Early detection of glaucoma requires annual monitoring of IOP, beginning at the age of 40.

And in the presence of glaucoma in the family — from 35 years. Medicine has a means of slowing the development of glaucoma. Therefore, it is important in time to detect the disease.

health Regulations.

Along with performing medical prescriptions. Of great importance for the preservation of this disease is a rational way of life. If you find glaucoma. You need to be able to act so as not to hurt yourself. And vice versa — Help.

It is important to reassure, but at the same time responsible attitude towards diseases. Do not panic. But do not neglect your illness. Follow these simple rules that you need.

Glaucoma causes symptoms.

Since glaucoma does not like stress and gross violations of the regime. Do not work with large emotional or physical stress. And also at night.

Never do extended physical work with your head down. If you are a keen gardener — a gardener. Get low and steady chair weeding. Sitting on it and moving along the bed. The head should be protected from the sun cap, Panama and the best hat with large brim. Eyes should be protected with high quality sunglasses. Please note that it is recommended not to wear very dark sunglasses.

Optimal sunglasses with green glass. Green color calms the nervous system, as well as slightly reduces intraocular pressure.

Performing gymnastic exercises. Remember that it is not recommended to perform exercises with a sharp tilt of the head down in the pose «upside down». And also with the lifting of heavy loads.

The rest of the exercise in glaucoma is not contraindicated. Do not overload yourself with excessive load. You can carry no more than 2-3 kg per hand.

Do not drink large amounts of liquid: up to 1.5 liters of fluid per day did not significantly affect the pressure inside the eye, but a larger amount of fluid can be harmful. Moreover, under the liquid includes not only water, also takes into account the milk, yogurt, juice, soup, fruit compote. Distribute evenly drinks throughout the day drinking at a time not more than 200 ml. must not drink «in one gulp.»

Do not overeat; do not abuse the salty, spicy and fatty foods that cause thirst and promote fluid retention in the body.

Do not drink strong tea, coffee and other drinks that contain caffeine, as they increase blood pressure, which can eventually lead to an increase in intraocular pressure.


It is proved that alcohol (vodka, brandy in quantities of 50 ml) reduces the intraocular pressure within 1-2 hours after ingestion. This effect of alcohol used to relieve acute glaucoma attack, if no other means.

However, we must warn those who «like» this method of treatment:
the next day after taking this dose there is a fairly sharp rise in intraocular pressure. In addition, should take into account the toxic effects of alcohol on the optic nerve. However, in exceptional cases, you can afford a small amount of weak alcoholic beverage.

It should not be long in the dark, especially when the form-closure glaucoma.

View the TV in the room highlighting further dim the light source, ie, the TV screen should not be the only place lighted room. People with narrow-angle glaucoma is desirable the use of low-light during the night (some light
It enters the eye through closed eyelids).

Normalize intestinal function: watch out for his regular emptying. Strong
straining with constipation leads to a dramatic (up to 50 mm Hg. Art.) raising the pressure in the eyes.

When glaucoma need regular and permanent vpuskanie drops. If you are assigned two-fold instillation, the first drug vpuskanie better to do right after a night’s sleep and morning dress.

The second (evening) burying — before going to bed. In no case can double the dose, if for some reason had to skip it

Sleep better on a high pillow, and in the morning should not be «stale» in bed. The vertical position and active movements help to reduce pressure in the eye, and in the morning after sleep is highest.



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