Gelatin to strengthen nails.

Gelatin to strengthen nails.

Gelatin to strengthen nails.

Proper preparation is important.

The usual edible gelatin that you will use for nails should be free of dyes — this is a prerequisite. Directly before the procedure, dilute it (at the rate of a tablespoon in a glass of boiled water at room temperature) and let it swell.

The gelatin may not immediately dissolve completely. In this case, put it in a water bath and stir. Another important condition: the gelatin solution should not boil, as this will destroy vitamins and other useful ingredients.

After this, the resulting mass should cool. You, in order not to lose time, begin to prepare your nails for the upcoming procedure. On the nails, apply a tool that would soften the cuticle. After that, move it to the base (it is better to use a wooden stick) and apply a little moisturizer on your hands and nails (not some, but preferably of good quality). Wait a few minutes and you can start.

The classic recipe: in the already prepared and cooled gelatinous mass, dip your hands and hold for a maximum of half an hour. If you use this simple method at least several times a week for a month, you will probably forget about problems with nails.

Gelatin to strengthen nails.

Firming baths for nails.

In addition to the classic recipe, there are many varieties of gelatin nail masks with various useful additives.

With honey and lemon.

Lemon juice and honey are added to the finished gelatin mass (one teaspoon per half cup of the main ingredient). The resulting mixture should be thoroughly mixed. After that, you need to soak cotton swabs with it and gently apply it to your nails for about twenty minutes. It is checked: it is enough to do such a procedure daily for a month so that the nails are noticeably transformed and acquire shine.

With a camomile.

Take a tablespoon of edible gelatin and dissolves well in water. You will need the same number of chamomile flowers (pre-shredded). You can use not only fresh flowers, but also dry ones. They need to be brewed with 250 ml of water and allowed to cool and infuse (45-60 minutes). After that, gently pour gelatin into the resulting infusion and add vegetable oil, preferably olive (1/2 teaspoon).

Further actions depend on your desire and mood: either you lower your hands in the bath with this mixture for 20 minutes, or you just smear the nail plates with it at the same time. Then rinse it off with room temperature water. What effect can be expected? Nails will gain elasticity and strength, become the envy of all friends smooth, shiny, elastic.

With lemon juice.

A tablespoon of gelatin should be filled with one and a half glasses of cool water and left for forty minutes. Then this mixture must be heated, stirring, until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Remove mixture from heat and let cool. After that, add lemon juice (a teaspoon will be enough). Alternatively, you can use lemon essential oil (2-3 drops).

Before using this recipe, the nails should be thoroughly washed and, of course, there should be no varnish on them. In a bath with lemon-gelatin mixture, hands should be kept for 15-20 minutes. Frequency — two to three times a week. Result: after about three weeks, you will notice that the nails are lightened, strengthened, become more elastic and stop flaking.
Strengthen the nails with gelatin … inside

Gelatin is a valuable food product containing important amino acids such as glycine, alanine, aspartic and glutamic acids, proline and hydroxyproline, as well as many vitamins and minerals.

Each of its nutrients to one degree or another is useful for our body, including nails. Experts recommend: if we want to have beautiful and, most importantly, healthy nails, we don’t need to confine ourselves only to baths with gelatin.

This product should be regularly included in your diet. Here is one of the classic recipes that will improve the condition of not only nails, but also hair and skin.

For preparation you will need: food gelatin (teaspoon), one glass of water, lemon juice or ascorbic acid in the form of a powder (also a teaspoon). Dilute gelatin as described above in water and let it swell a little. Then add lemon juice or ascorbic acid (both juice and vitamin C, being acidic components, enhance the nutritional digestibility of gelatin).

The drink obtained in this way should be consumed every day in the morning and preferably on an empty stomach, about an hour before breakfast. Within a month or two you will notice a change in your appearance. The joints will no longer “creak”. Hair will gain a healthy shine and become more elastic. The skin heals, it becomes tightened. And, of course, the nails will be transformed: they will no longer exfoliate, crack and break …

Gelatin to strengthen nails.
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