Fungal skin infection.

Fungal skin infection.

Fungal skin infection.

Yeast: good in pies, but not in the body. Fungal skin infection.

 Useful yeast has always worked for the benefit of man, with their help, produced a variety of intoxicating beverages, it is widely used for baking. But malicious yeast-like fungus Candida often settles in people with immune system disorders, hypothyroidism, vitamin deficiency, abusing broad-spectrum antibiotics, causing candidiasis (thrush).

It contributes to the development of candidiasis poor diet, with lots of sugar and carbohydrates. Fungi happy absorb sugar from the blood, which can lead to sudden
hypoglycemia, metabolic disorders, obesity. At a large gathering of yeast in the body of toxic products of their life cause various diseases, which are difficult to treat, if not set their fungal nature.

What diseases are caused by Candida?

An allergy (dermatitis, allergic asthma), itchy, flaking skin.

Skin Fungus feet and nails.

Violations of the gastrointestinal tract work (abdominal pain, indigestion, bloating, rumbling in the intestine, diarrhea alternating with constipation, stomach and bowel disease).

Fibromyalgia, numbness, pain in the muscles.

Sinusitis, sinusitis, cystitis, endometriosis, in severe cases, it can attack the heart and even the brain.

In addition, very often a lack of energy, headaches, memory impairment.

Many people go in vain by different doctors and are not even aware that the causes of long-term depression, chronic fatigue, reduced performance, unmotivated cravings for sweets and alcohol are pathogenic fungi.
Of course, the presence of such symptoms is not always indicative of candidiasis, laboratory analyzes of various media organism (blood, urine, epidermis, etc.) required for the final output.

What provokes the development of candidiasis?

Long-term use of antibiotics, especially broad-spectrum.

A echenie immunosuppressants (oncological diseases, transplantation).

Uncontrolled use of oral contraceptives, pregnancy.

Prolonged use of steroids for increasing body weight

Senile or infancy, or when the immune system fails or not yet fully formed.

Foods rich in carbohydrates and sugars.

Serious diseases: cancer, diabetes, and other infections.

Hypovitaminosis and general exhaustion, prolonged bed rest.

Close contact (including sexual) with infected people fungi.

Bad ecology in metropolitan areas, industrial hazards.

The genetic malfunction of the immune system.

By the already mentioned health problems, you can add the so-called «female» and «male» problems.

Among women:

pronounced premenstrual syndrome

dysmenorrhea, pelvic pain

vaginitis, thrush, abnormal discharge

frigidity, sterility

frequent changes of mood, irritability.

In men:

chronic prostatitis, impotence and infertility

jock itch (a fungal skin lesions)

decreased physical endurance

How to get rid of the yeast from the body?

If pathogenic fungi have settled in the body, then expel them out is very difficult because they can doze off for years in the form of spores are extremely resistant to drugs, and form new colonies under favorable conditions.

Treatment of fungal infections necessarily comprehensive and includes not only fungicides and fungostaticheskie drugs, but drugs that restore normal functioning of the immune system. Very effective help without harm could have a herbal medicine.

Also, be sure to populate the gut of useful microflora through a variety of probiotic use enzymes improve digestion, gepatoprotektory, vitamin complexes with micro and macro elements. Parasitologists also advised to drink a course of antiparasitic drugs, because fungi and parasites are always connected to each other, and in the case of oppression of some others may start to proliferate.

Food — an important element of treatment.

For the entire period of treatment, the consumption of sugar, yeast bread, pastries, and soda is strictly limited. Excludes alcohol, fried foods, fatty meat, smoking. Focus on vegetable dishes and dairy products. Kefir, fermented milk, low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt without additives.

You can eat lean beef and fish, boiled or stewed poultry. I recommend to add to the food different bitterness. They will help strengthen the liver and eliminate toxins from the body.

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Fungal skin infection.


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