From hypertension.

From hypertension.

From hypertension.

Magnets for hypertension.

Hypertension of the 1st and 2nd degree can be treated with magnets. Their diameter should be 7 mm, thickness — 2 mm. Specialists in the field of folk medicine highlight special points, the application of magnets on which helps to calm the heartbeat and shortness of breath, relieve headaches and

normalize sleep:

below the angle of the lower jaw;

behind the auricle;

in the area of ​​the formation of the ulnar fold when the elbow is bent;

on the front surface between the folds of the wrist and mid-wrist joints of the hands.

The skin must be cleaned and dried before applying magnets. Magnets are installed by the north pole to the surface of the skin, fixed with a band-aid. Magnets are recommended for eight days.


For hypertension, it is recommended to use 0.15 g of mummy dissolved in a glass of warm liquid for ten days before bedtime. Spend up to three courses.

Foot baths

Must be contrasting. The procedure is performed for twenty minutes, lowering the feet in cold or hot water. End the session with low temperatures.

From hypertension. Walnuts.

To eliminate the symptoms of hypertension, daily for two weeks you need to eat 100 g of walnut kernels mixed with honey.

Hydrogen peroxide

The course of treatment with hydrogen peroxide is recommended to continue for three weeks. Take orally, starting with 3 drops three times a day. Gradually bring to fifteen drops, repeating three times. The tool shows particularly good results in the treatment of people with diabetes.
The use of hydrogen peroxide will result in weakness and skin allergies.

Quail eggs

For four months, five raw quail eggs are consumed each morning. Reception must be performed on an empty stomach. You can also use the shell of eggs, preparing powder from it. First, the shell should be processed in a special way. First of all, it is placed in an enameled container with a clean liquid and boiled for five minutes. After the water is drained and pure is added. Boil again for five minutes. Then, for a day, the shells are placed in 9% apple cider vinegar. The last step is drying. Once the shell is completely dry, it is crushed in a coffee grinder.

From hypertension. Leeches.

Hirudotherapy is recommended for any degree of hypertension. Procedures must be performed by an experienced professional. Leeches are taken exclusively medical — six pieces for each session. Apply them to different places — the tailbone, temple area, auricles or neck.

Fir oil

Put a little sugar on a teaspoon and drip from six to ten drops of fir oil. Use the drug three times a day, repeating the month.
A prescription can cause a serious allergic reaction.

Bee stings

The method is usually used in the first stage of hypertension. Apitherapy is carried out in the area of ​​the kidneys and neck. For one session, take no more than six bees. First, several biological samples are prescribed, and on the third day the sting remains in the skin for a couple of minutes. Gradually, the “aging” time of the poison is increased. Treatment is carried out under the supervision of an experienced specialist for about six weeks. After a two-week break, repeat.
If the treatment with bees is intended for a patient with a second stage of hypertension, the poison is used in large doses — 18 bees per session. Bees are placed on the area of ​​the kidneys and the back of the head (on both sides). The number of procedures is twenty.

From hypertension.
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