From hypertension.

From hypertension.

From hypertension.

Rye flour

With a strong increase in pressure, it is recommended to cook pulp from 20 g of rye flour and 50 ml of hot water. Eat the resulting dense mass in the morning on an empty stomach, repeating the manipulations until relieved.

Pillows with rose petals

To prevent headaches and jumps in blood pressure at night, special pillows are prepared. Rose petals are collected, washed and dried. They stuff small cotton bags with raw materials and place them at the head of the bed.

Beetroot and pine kvass

Beetroot kvass will help get rid of weather dependence. The recipes for its preparation vary, but there is the most effective. A kilogram of beets is passed through a meat grinder, put into a three-liter jar and poured with warm boiled water. Three tablespoons are administered. l honey and apple cider vinegar. Stand for three weeks and wring out. Drink 100 ml for three days.
Kvass from pine paws (branches) is no less effective in the fight against hypertension. It is prepared as follows: a handful of chopped pine branches are placed in a three-liter container. Pour half a kilogram of sugar and pour boiled water to the top of the tank. After cooling, 20 g of yeast are added. Twenty-four hours later, kvass is ready to eat. Drink one hundred milliliters before bedtime.

From hypertension. Blue iodine

The Indian method of eliminating the manifestations of hypertension with iodine works best in September and March. All you need is cotton buds and a bottle of blue iodine. During the course, iodine is used to draw rings in the required places. Begin therapy on the first day of any of these months. Places for applying rings by day:
the first is above the wrist of the left hand;
the second — over the bones of the foot of the right leg;
the third is above the wrist of the right hand;
the fourth — over the bones of the foot of the left foot;
the fifth — over the elbow joint of the left hand;
the sixth — over the knee joint of the right leg;
seventh — above the elbow joint of the right hand;
the eighth — over the knee joint of the left leg;
ninth — a line from the shoulder joint of the left hand to the right femoral joint;
the tenth is the line from the shoulder joint of the right hand to the femoral joint of the left leg.
After eleven days, the therapy is repeated in a similar manner.
Treatment with blue iodine entails serious side effects: stomach pain, nausea, swelling of the lips, skin rash, and difficulty breathing.
Iodine treatment can be done in another way. A teaspoon of the product is added to a quarter cup of chilled liquid. Fifteen grams of potato starch is added there. 0.2 l of water is added to the resulting composition and mixed thoroughly. Use inside for a couple of Art. l twice.

Salt enema

As soon as the pressure rises, you should prepare a special composition for the enema and perform the procedure at home. In 200 ml of warm water, 1 tbsp. l shallow sea salt. An enema is felt after half an hour.

Pumpkin and lemon gruel

Pumpkin pulp in the amount of one kilogram and two lemons are passed through a meat grinder. A kilogram of granulated sugar is added to the resulting mass and mixed thoroughly. Instead of sugar, you can use honey. Eat a large spoon each time you eat. Folk remedy is stored in a glass container, placed on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

From hypertension. ASD-2 fraction

It is possible to overcome shortness of breath, weakness and frequent headaches that accompany hypertension at home. The ASD-2 fraction helps in this. Thirty drops are dissolved in one hundred milliliters of liquid, divided into two doses and consumed on an empty stomach. Treatment is performed for five days. After a three-day break, the course is resumed.


With a tendency to weather dependence, pollen mixed with honey in a one to one proportion helps well. Reception is carried out on a small spoon three times. Treatment should occur for ten days, after a break, renewal is possible.

Citrus help

At the initial stage of hypertension, it is recommended to eat every day a spoonful of the composition made from orange and lemon crushed on a grater. Citrus slurry is mixed with sugar. The course is three months.

From hypertension.
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