For stuffy nose.

For stuffy nose.

non allergic rhinitis treatment.

My friend invited me to one home remedy for severe nasal congestion, which she had prepared for this method here: eucalyptus, peppermint, snuff — dry, in equal amounts Pour olive oil.
On one part of the dry mix is necessary to take 2 pieces of butter. Insist hour, drain. The medicine is ready.

Within 3 days, morning and evening bury this miracle cure for one third of the pipette into each nostril.

For stuffy nose.

Several times I shared this recipe with your friends, who needed him. It helps even with a strong nasal congestion.

And they suggested to me after a while and the other recipe from the common cold. Mix 1 tbsp. spoonful of boiled water with 3 drops of 5% hydrogen peroxide. Bury during the day 5-6 times. Very good stop acute rhinitis.

Sea buckthorn oil.

It is an excellent natural remedy that effectively cleans a clogged nose. It is enough to drip 2-3 drops of oil in each nasal passage.
Contraindication — individual intolerance to sea buckthorn.


This unique plant can be used an unlimited number of times — the body is not addicted to it. Aloe extract is part of many pharmaceutical preparations for rhinitis (rhinitis). Leaf juice has antiviral, antiseptic and healing effects. Also present in the composition of aloe natural antibiotic.

Before preparing medicines you need to carefully select the leaves. Uses lower fleshy leaves, which grew at least three years. They are thoroughly washed, dried and placed in a refrigerator for 12 hours (previously wrapped in a thin cotton fabric).

Then the leaves are cut into small pieces and squeeze the juice. It is a clear yellowish liquid. Aloe juice is stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 14 days.

In an undiluted form, aloe juice is not used — it can lead to burns of the mucous. It is diluted with water, mixed with oil or liquid honey (in proportion 1 part of juice: 2 parts of another substance). Such funds are instilled into the nasal passages 3 times a day, 5 drops.

For stuffy nose.

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