Folk methods from sinusitis.

Folk methods from sinusitis.

Folk methods from sinusitis.

Folk healers offer the most effective methods and home-made remedies for the treatment of sinusitis in children and adults.

Adam root

Adam root is used to rub the inflamed areas: nose bridge, superciliary arch, cheeks. The procedure helps to quickly get rid of mucus accumulated over the years.
During the session, burning sensation may be felt.

Mustard oil

The use of mustard oil is justified if the diagnosis is «sluggish sinusitis.» It is applied with light movements to the skin in the frontal part. Application on both sides of the nose wings is also recommended. The procedure is performed every day until relief occurs.


Horse chestnut, namely its fruits, in the treatment of sinusitis is indicated for use for quick and easy discharge of mucus. The washed fruits are taken and placed in cool water for several days. After cleaned of brown skin. From the white core, “plugs” are cut that fit the size of the nostril (they must completely close it). The cork is placed in the nasal passage. Hold until the moment when the mucus starts to come out of the nose. The procedure is carried out with one nostril. Treatment of the other nostril is transferred the next day.

Folk methods from sinusitis.


To cure catarrhal, parietal and other types of inflammation, it is enough to use a widespread spice. It is listed among the means that helped people get rid of even chronic sinusitis. A teaspoon of turmeric is added to a warm liquid and drunk, repeating in the morning and evening for at least two weeks. If you need to cure the disease in children, it is allowed to introduce a spoonful of fresh honey into the drink.


If it is not possible to cure chronic sinusitis without a puncture, it is advisable to use ice. A piece is taken along the area of ​​inflammation until the ice melts. After this place is well rubbed with palms.
The result of this treatment can be a severe headache and aggravation of a runny nose.

Vegetable oil

Treatment of sinusitis at home is recommended by folk healers through conventional vegetable oil. A tablespoon is put into the mouth and absorbed for fifteen minutes. You cannot swallow and spit. When the specified time passes, the oil is spit. If it is white, treatment is effective; if yellow, the duration of the procedure should be increased. The method helps to quickly remove the symptoms of the disease and strengthen the body.


In the treatment of sinusitis during pregnancy, in children and adolescents, it is especially recommended to use a natural and useful product — honey honeycombs. They are chewed for fifteen minutes, repeating up to four sessions per day. The next day, relief will be felt.


A purulent type of pathology is recommended to be treated with special medical leeches. Procedures contribute to the normalization of blood circulation, which helps in the elimination of mucus. The course should be set individually, as well as the required number of leeches per session.

«Blue» iodine

How to get rid of sinusitis is known to folk healers who offer to use «blue» iodine. Three times a day they are lubricated with the maxillary sinuses. Treatment does not stop until the symptoms characteristic of the disease disappear. Similarly, you can use tincture of bitter pepper (two pods poured with vodka for two days).

Garlic stalk

The recommendation is effective in the treatment of sinusitis in children and adolescents. Remedies: catarrhal, acute, chronic. In this case, sinusitis can be bilateral or one-sided.
Take a dry stem, located in the middle of the head of garlic. Ignite and inhale the vapor with both nostrils for five minutes. Three procedures are enough to recover.
If we are talking about treating a small child, it is better to abandon the method. Also, do not bring the smoldering stem too close to the nose, otherwise a burn of the mucous membrane and skin is likely.

Hard rubber disc

Particularly recommended method in the treatment of diseases in children. Ebony disk take polished. Stroking them on the cheeks, chin and forehead in a clockwise direction. Rubbing is carried out for twenty minutes, repeating the sessions several times a day.

Folk methods from sinusitis.
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