Eczema treatment.

Eczema treatment.

Let’s help the skin. Eczema treatment.

Eczema treatment. At a daughter (18 years) my girlfriend from the early childhood an eczema.
And if for the child only his health was important, then in the teenage years, beauty came first.
And what can I say, when the girl has stains all over her body. Of course, every minute of her life was poisoned by thoughts of this terrible disease.

Eczema treatment.

What kind of doctors did not visit, which only medications did not prescribe — all to no avail, or with a temporary effect. Even I already began to despair to find something effective.

The case helped. In one of the medical programs, a doctor answered questions of the audience on the air (unfortunately, I did not look at all and missed the name of this specialist). And one of the questions was just about eczema and the methods of its treatment.
The doctor told about several medical preparations, and in the end he also advised the folk remedy, which I managed to write down. That’s what helped us.

Eczema treatment.

It is necessary to boil 6 eggs (cook 12 minutes). Gently pull the yolks. Put the yolk on a spoke or a long wire. Hold it over the fire until a white liquid flows, which will drip in small drops. It is necessary to collect these drops in a clean jar. Spread this transparent solution of sore spots.


eczema treatment


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