Eat and grow thin.

Eat and grow thin

Eat and grow thin.

proper healthy diet.

Healthy Diet — 4 main trace elements.
To lose weight, we eat right. Nutritionist recommends Elena Morozova trace elements that must be present in a healthy diet. The result — weight loss!

losing weight right at home.


It takes the 1st place in the rating (dietary). If it is consumed in sufficient quantities. Weight loss is much faster. When calcium is ingested, certain enzymes are activated. They contribute to the burning of fat.

A course for 1 day: 1 mg (1000 mkg) — up to 50 years; 1.5 mg (1500 mcg) — 65 years.

List of products containing calcium.

Low-fat yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, lactic acid products.

Rhubarb or spinach, turnip greens, orange are the most fresh fruits and vegetables.

Nuts and seeds — sesame seeds, almonds, tofu, etc.

Calcium is well absorbed with vitamin C. Drink orange juice, enriched with these trace elements. Good habit.

Calcium-rich foods should not be consumed with phosphorus-rich foods. These are meat, poultry, corn, buckwheat, potatoes. This can shift the right balance of minerals in the direction of increasing phosphorus. Consequently, reduce the absorption of calcium.

losing weight right at home.

2. Iron.

Iron-rich foods reduce cravings for sugar. So do not say how important this trace element is! Iron is very active in metabolic processes.

In the body, 22.9% of this trace element is spent on the formation of enzymes. Which are involved in metabolic processes. Iron is part of hemoglobin. When a low level of hemoglobin — there are no metabolic processes in the human body.

Course 1 day: 0.2 mg per 1 kg of body weight.

Iron rich foods. Meat products, seafood, vegetables (potatoes, half a cup of beans, sauerkraut).

It is important to know.
A well-known fact is that iron contained in products of animal origin is absorbed better and faster (from 15 to 35%). Even if grains, fruits or vegetables contain more iron, they are only absorbed from 2 to 20% of this amount.

Iron is better absorbed in the company of vitamin C. It is good if you add meat tomato sauce in a chicken tray with a side dish of cabbage. Add to porridge and fresh fruit. Do not neglect the enriched iron products. This trace element is added mainly to cereals, juices and dairy products.

Eat and grow thin.

3. Iodine.

Trace element necessary for the synthesis of thyroid hormones that stimulate many processes in the body. Iodine deficiency often leads to hypothyroidism, because of which there are often problems with being overweight. Daily rate: 170-210 micrograms (0.17-0.21mg).
Where found: seafood (100 g from 5 to 400 g, 100 g of sea kale — from 5 to 300 mg), freshwater fish (100 g — 70 g).

Good to know: The most stable iodine content in river fish. In using this product, it is much easier to track, trace element missing you or not. Ideal iodine-enriched product that should be on your desk — iodized salt. Prefer iodate salts with the addition (over a persistent connection) instead of the iodide.
Keep a salt in the closed shelf and its salt to food after heat treatment (the light and by heating of iodine and iodine compounds are destroyed evaporates).

4. Magnesium.

His love and nutritionists, and fitness fans. Magnesium is actively involved in building muscle tissue — as you know, the more muscles, the more the body burns calories. Daily rate: 300-400 mg. Where found: bran (100 g — 700 mg), nuts and seeds (100 g cashew — 270 mg per 100 g of pistachios — 200 mg), cereals (100 g buckwheat — 250 mg per 100 g of millet, oatmeal — 130 mg), beans (100 g beans, peas — 100 mg).

Magnesium burns fat, involved in the assimilation of glucose, activates the metabolism and generally controls the energy of the body. It can be obtained from fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, barley, bran, sunflower seeds, fish (bream, turbot), hard cheese cheese. The daily rate of consumption of magnesium is 300-400 mg.

Important to know: Excess salt in the diet inhibits the absorption of magnesium. Your daily menu should be no more than 5 grams of salt per day. Magnesium, as well as calcium, actively involved in metabolic processes under moderate exertion. This element is very poorly absorbed in a state of complete rest.

Eat and grow thin.

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