Drainage drinks.

Drainage drinks.

Drainage drinks.

Drainage drink: the benefits, features, application.

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Drainage drinks. Metabolic disorders, heavy physical work, inactivity — all of which can cause water stagnation and lymph in the body. In addition to measures to supply correction and normalization of motor activity, drainage drinks are used to eliminate this kind of deviations. They are widely known, and as a preventive agent against edema, and as a way to reduce weight, but also as an assistant in the fight against various diseases.

Drainage drinks and their specificity.

Drain drink — a drink, the effect of which is aimed at accelerating the metabolism, normalize the water-salt balance in the body, by improving lymphatic flow in all organs and systems.

Conventionally, this tool can be divided into the following types:

• water with the addition of any components;

• pure freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables, and greens;

• decoctions and infusions of herbs, a combination thereof;

• mix and drink sold in pharmacies and specialized stores.

Application of drainage drink important in medicine as an aid to combat diseases that increase the swelling, accumulation of salts and toxins in the body. In obesity, stagnation, cellulite these funds are used as accelerators of metabolism and weight loss that occurs due to the normalization of metabolism and excretion of excess fluid. Drainage drinks can be used as a prophylactic. For example, if you use them after a hard day’s work, to avoid swelling the next day.

The main effect of drainage drinks lies in the acceleration of lymph flow, which helps to normalize the water-salt balance and improve metabolism.

Use drainage drinks.

Before several major positives use drainage drinks, it should be noted that these funds are not something unique. At the pharmacy, of course, you will find a lot of ready-to-eat foods, spread out in batches, with the description of the rules of admission and so on, however, almost all of you are familiar drainage and beverages outside the package. With them, you face daily. For example, green tea, water with lemon or cranberry infusion.

Positive aspects of drainage drinks.

Absolute availability.

The variety of recipes means giving everyone the opportunity to try to imagine its effect. You do not have to buy in a drugstore or specialty store expensive proprietary blend or a vial of liquid, you can just look in the fridge. If you have a lemon, and a shelf lying around a couple of bags of tea with lemon balm or somewhere there is not much cranberry leaves, and can, in the freezer bored for a long time gathered cranberries and cranberries — all this is a simple and affordable, can become raw material for the drainage of the beverage .

Easy to use.

Generally, drainage drinks consumed on an empty stomach, before meals or, for example, shortly before physical exercise or lymphatic drainage massage. No specific rules on the use of this tool is not. Adjustment Dosage can vary only due to individual characteristics of the organism.

Acceleration of metabolism.

Proper use of drainage beverage helps to disperse metabolism, largely speeding up the work of the gastrointestinal tract, thus solving the problem of complications in the process of defecation. This fact helps the nutrients derived from food and other resources, absorbed and assimilated more efficiently, and thus bring great benefit. By accelerating the metabolism may increase hunger, however, such a hunger, you can better control. To lose weight and body correction of this factor plays an important role in the near destruction of body fat, including secondary, the most difficult.

Normalization lymphatic flow.

Congestion in the lymph gradually disperse, and the movement of lymph back to normal, thereby starting to work actively to regulate water-salt balance in the body. This allows for several days to get rid of excess fluid in the stagnant body tissues and organs. This is the first phase of weight loss can help you lose up to 5 kg of excess weight!


Most beverage drainage in the structure have additional nutrients and vitamins. This is true, and the purchased assets and made at home. Therefore, the use of this kind of products contributes to the strengthening of the body (with moderate use).

A great help in losing weight.

In conjunction with proper nutrition and physical training, will allow the drain drink very quickly get rid of the fat first, and outline a long-lost harmony. Drainage can be used in the drying body.

Caution and contraindications.

Taking into account the effect of the active drainage drinks in the body, it is worth noting their negative aspects and contraindications for certain categories of people.

Care should be taken if:

• on the skin and mucous membranes are present allergic reactions (redness, itching, rash, pustular Education) — one of the selected components of drainage can cause deterioration of the situation, so you should first consult an allergist or dermatologist;

• your body is prone to allergic reactions;

• you have a normal weight, but worried about a strong swelling — better to go through a consultation of the endocrinologist or general practitioner;

• the percentage of obesity is too high — you first need to determine the causes of obesity and the ability to safely use drainage drinks;

• there are some violations of the urinary or lymphatic system;

• you have a vitamin deficiency — in some cases, drainage may lead to aggravation of beriberi, if the body is greatly weakened;

• You are in an unstable emotional state.

Do not use the drainage drinks if:

• it is expected for a child under the age of 10-12 years (in all cases the recommended consultation with a specialist);

• are pregnant (only on prescription);

• are suffering from a lack of body weight;

• have acute and chronic disorders of the kidneys, urinary tract, liver, stomach and intestines;

• You dehydration;

• very hot weather.

Drainage from the pharmacy and drink at home.

Ease pharmacy drainage drinks undeniable. Among the disadvantages of such products can be noted the relative high cost and not always a positive effect (if you take into account the individual characteristics of a specific person). To reduce risks, it should be remembered a few simple rules:

• expensive — does not mean the quality (composition of study!);

• firm — not always the guarantee of the quality and effectiveness of the product (read reviews, consult with doctors, study the manufacturer’s website, if it ever is);

• Never buy a «super» drink drain through the Internet, with the hands and the benches in doubtful;

• have any drain a beverage that is sold in a pharmacy should be a quality certificate (you can check in the general register, registered in the Russian pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements).

• Drainage — not a panacea (for sustained weight loss need power correction and sport).

Simply things with drainage drinks that can be prepared at home.
First, you decide what is in the drink.
Secondly, you do not add anything to excess and get the maximum effect.

The most popular ingredients for home drainage drinks:

• water;

• Lemon and honey;

• extracts of leaves, cranberries, currants, young leaves of birch;

• green tea;

• cranberries and cranberries;

• lemon balm, mint;

• dill and parsley, fennel (dill water);

• strawberries;

• Beet juice, zucchini, cucumber and others.

Drainage drinks.


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