Diseases of the skin.

Diseases of the skin.

Diseases of the skin. Lipoma.

How can you cope with the oil lamp with the help of folk remedies?
Diseases of the skin. Lipoma — a benign tumor of adipose tissue. Lipomas — a soft movable subcutaneous nodules (often have a well-defined capsule), over which the skin remains normal.

Lipomas are located in different areas of the body: face, back, shoulders, hips; they usually occur in the subcutaneous tissue, the skin may appear less frequently in the retroperitoneal, perinephric tissue in the breast, lung.
Surface (subcutaneous) tumor is sharply demarcated, has a soft consistency, mobile, painless. On average, its dimensions are 4.1 cm in diameter. Some can reach 5-10 cm in diameter, causing a cosmetic defect.

It should be remembered that as a result of the operation will only remove the lipoma itself, but the cause of its occurrence remains intact. Therefore after removal often available only at a single patient lipoma violation occurs in the body equilibrium and start lipoma appear in many other places. When there is such a phenomenon that a patient already diagnosed with «lipomatosis.»

Lipomas: treatment in folk medicine.

Fresh leaf houseplant golden mustache cut and kneaded, after which is applied to the talc, polyethylene film cover, which is placed on a cotton cloth folded in two times.
Compress fixed by a patch or bandage. After 12 hours the dressing must be changed using a new sheet.

Treatment of aloe or Kalanchoe: leaf of a plant is cut and applied to the night to the affected site, fixing bandage. The procedure is repeated for 2 weeks, after which wen opened and it comes out of the rod. Ranka then heals.

Bake in the oven for a small bulb. Warm onion chop on a grater or a meat grinder and mix with 1 tablespoon chopped grated dark soap. The mixture was stored in a refrigerator. The resulting mixture is used to compress at wen. Change compresses 2-3 times a day.

Take a tablespoon of melted lard, mixed with a teaspoon of juice garlic and rub wen several times a day to cure.

To remove a small oil lamp used the method of cauterization oil. Boil in a pan oil, slightly salted it. Dip in boiling oil match (be careful!), Wrapped in cotton wool and attach a second to Wen. Repeat 3-4 times.
On the fourth day, the crust is formed, which will soon disappear.

Lipomas: treatment in folk medicine.

Fresh leaves mother and stepmother: put the leaves mother and stepmother green cold side. Secure with a bandage or plaster.
Leaves change 2 times a day. And just 10-12 days.

A pinch or 1 h. Spoon of crushed fresh leaves mother and stepmother to moisten 1-2 drops of warm water, a little mash fingers, put on a piece of bandage and fix the plaster on the lipoma. Keep the compress for 3-4 days without changing. Then apply a new one.

The compress of black pepper. Take a napkin made of pure linen. On the corner pour 1 h. Spoon of black pepper, smooth and cover another swipe angle. Heat in water bath 1-2 tbsp. spoons of alcohol, vodka (or eau de cologne) and moisten them napkin. Put compress on wen, cover the top with a piece of cotton wool and fasten a bandage (or plaster). Keep no more than 15-20 minutes, or can burn! Repeat the procedure with the same pepper 2-3 hours. Repeat the procedure until wen will not break and will not leave the rod.

Massage with mutton fat. Take a teaspoon of mutton fat. Melt in a water bath. The fat must be very hot, but not to cause burns. This hot fat to rub and knead wen. Massage to do 10-15 minutes daily.

Simultaneous use of cranberry as a compresses and receive its interior of Article 3. spoon a day significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment of lipomas.

Chicken wrap. Wen to be imposed on the film from eggs taken from domestic chickens. Do not be afraid, if the first time there will be redness and puffiness. After they subside, take off the old and put a new film. Change of egg films do several times, until the desired effect is achieved.

Compress of ivy leaves. Fill the glass half chopped stems and leaves of ivy, pour the brim with vodka, and then shift all in a bowl of dark glass. Plug and put in 3 weeks in the refrigerator. Then strain, bagasse to decompose on gauze, to attach to the oil lamp and fix the patch at night. To do so as long as wen disappear.



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