Diet for stomach long time.

Diet for stomach long time.

Diet for stomach long time.

How to remove belly fat at home.

If you decide to thoroughly get rid rid of belly. Then explore the following rules.

They will help you not only to achieve results. But also save the results achieved.

1. Even if you had a busy day. You have spent a lot of energy. Eat only small meals.

2. For lunch should be fish and nuts. They are rich in omega — fats. Deep fat reserves are difficult to adjust even after exercise. Therefore, fish and nuts help to overcome internal fat.

3. Abdominal muscles need protein. This is good, especially for an animal. Boiled chicken breast and turkey, lean beef, shrimp and other seafood. Give the building material to the abdominal muscles. Energy for a good working mood.

4. Fluid to be consumed throughout the day. It is better if it is without sugar, soda and additives.

5. It is better to eat cereals for breakfast. Porridge is a good source of fiber for metabolism. It can be steamed buckwheat. That is, pour the night portion of grain (without salt). Add some milk in the morning.

6. Snack — fruits and vegetables. You can make bars of muesli and dried apricots. Make it at home.

Products that should be avoided.

Any food that is harmful to the gastrointestinal tract. It literally inflates it with cabbage, grapes, “live” milk, etc.

Avoid ready meals: sweets, mayonnaise sausages, canned foods, spreads. Do not drink sweet soda and alcohol. These products contain very harmful trans fats. Also hidden taste modifiers — sweeteners.

Nutritionists advise to compute products and ready-made meals, after which the body loses energy, becomes heavy, bloated — exclude them.
A balanced diet without fitness will not bring significant results. The main thing is not to give up! Remember — your stomach — is the anchor that holds your life in place.

Diet for stomach long time.


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