Diet for a beautiful waistline.

Diet for a beautiful waistline.

Diet for a beautiful waistline.

Best way to lose weight. Sample menu for a day of diet for a beautiful waistline.

Breakfast: Boiled chicken eggs 2 or 3 pieces, a loaf of low-fat cheese with a salad or tomato, green tea without sugar, in the early days you can add a spoonful of honey. Such a breakfast will be long to digest, without affecting the level of glucose in the blood of a person.

Diet for a beautiful waistline.

Second breakfast: fruit without starch, a few nuts.

Lunch: boiled chicken or lean beef. For a side dish of buckwheat or legumes with vegetables.

Afternoon snack: vegetable salad, without the addition of mayonnaise

Dinner: lean meat or fish cooked on the grill or steamed. As a side dish, use vegetables. Dessert is a fruit. If you have a feeling of hunger before going to bed, you should drink a glass of fat-free yogurt.

Exercises for a flat stomach.

At home, exercises are performed to strengthen the internal muscles of the abdominal cavity, which help to reduce the waist. You need to do the exercises constantly, and in a few weeks the first pleasant results will be noticeable. The complex of exercises is performed on an empty stomach or two hours after a meal.

Stretching the stomach with the effect of vacuum.

The feet are placed on the width of the shoulders, hands should be placed on the hips. After this, a sharp exhalation through the mouth is made and breathing is delayed. Thus the stomach should be as much as possible involved. After ten seconds you need to relax and take a breath. The exercise is repeated five to ten times.

Diet for a beautiful waistline.

Exercise strap

The position on all fours is accepted, the heel of one leg extends backwards, the arm is stretched forward. The back and legs should stretch out into a straight line. The stomach and pelvis are tightened, the coccyx is drawn into itself. Loins should be straight. Keep the body in this state, you need a minute, and change your arm and leg.


The initial position of the back, the feet stand parallel to the width of the pelvis, hands should be placed under the head, and raise it. On exhalation, you need to lift the body upward, trying to tear off the shoulder blades from the rug, on inhalation to return to the starting position, without laying their heads on the floor. The exercise must be repeated twenty times.

Twisting belly

Initial position on the back. Legs rise, knees bend, hands need to be pulled in different directions. On exhalation, the legs are withdrawn to the left, on inhalation to return to their original position, on exhalation to take them to the right, and on inhalation return them to the center. The exercise is done ten times in each direction.

Such exercises will help effectively remove excess fat from the problem areas in the home, will have a beneficial effect on the work of the internal organs and the spine.

Diet for a beautiful waistline.

Additional procedures for a flat stomach

Few people did not use special means, cream or devices for weight loss. These items enhance blood circulation and maintain the tone of the skin. But very often it is painful or inconvenient to use these tools, besides they require considerable expenses. But they can be replaced with more affordable means at home.

Contrast shower — this method increases blood circulation in the body, do it best in the morning after charging. You need to start with ten seconds of warm and cold water, which the body suffers. Water should be spit on the vertex, without doing any unnecessary manipulation. Changes in temperature should be 5 — 10, and the residence time under certain water should be increased.
Massage is another effective way to improve blood circulation. You can use for this aromatic oil peach bones. It helps to tighten sagging skin of the stomach after losing weight.

How to improve results

We need to walk more often. Sedentary lifestyle will necessarily lead to obesity. In a day you have to go ten thousand steps. For example, changing the route from home to work. Hiking will not only help maintain the tone of the body, but also in conjunction with fresh air will charge the body with a great mood for the whole day.

In addition, much attention should be paid to sleep. Sleep should be at least eight hours if possible. Turn off all equipment at night, and ventilate the room before going to bed. Hiking and additional exercises will well contribute to a sound sleep.
These simple rules for ordinary people will help achieve the desired results with the correct systematic implementation of them. But do not expect an instant result, slimming periods are individual for each person. And only perseverance, purpose and self-belief will help to achieve an ideal figure.


Diet to reduce the sides and abdomen.

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