Deep vein thrombosis causes.

Deep vein thrombosis causes.

How to maintain leg health?

Deep vein thrombosis causes.

If you have varicose veins or even have just a tendency to develop this ailment. Then you need to comply with certain rules aimed at protecting the veins of the legs from the development of the disease. Deep vein thrombosis causes.

These rules may seem very simple. But in practice they give a tremendous effect. Try it — your feet will thank you.

• Try to perform most of the household work sitting.

• Get an aristocratic manner to sit on a chair — it is the least burdensome for veins: sit with your legs straight.
A democratic pose with crossed legs, thrown over one another, disrupts the blood circulation in the popliteal fovea of ​​the one that lies on top and the front surface of the hip that has assumed its weight.

Deep vein thrombosis causes.

• Equip your workplace with comfort for veins. Well, if the desk and the computer table have an oblique crossbar for legs, like a desk. If it is not, you can put your feet on a low bench.
Do not let your feet get numb when sitting, periodically move them.

Get up from your chair every half hour to walk around the room, do a few leg exercises, or walk a couple of floors up the stairs.

• Relax with a pillow or roller under your elbows for 15-20 minutes several times a day.

• Raise the foot end of the bed: slip under the mattress folded several times a blanket or pillow, or install under the rear legs of the bar height of 5-6 cm.

• Forget about the hot tub, sauna and sauna. Pour your feet with cool water 1-2 times a day.
With a thin stream of hose or shower, walk first from the fingers to the heels. After this, up the gastrocnemius muscle to the knee hollow along the one leg, then the other. In the last turn — on the front side of each leg alternately from the fingers on the rise to the knee.

On a rest.

• Try to spend a vacation on the sea or the river bank. More barefoot on the grass, sand, pebbles, the edge of the surf.

• Do not abuse tanning and spend more time in the shade: the heat acts on the veins is devastating. Ultraviolet rays reduce the elasticity of tissues and venous walls, and a golden tan can not to disguise the blue capillary nets.

• During the holiday, treat foot, shin and hips daily with products that strengthen the tone of the veins and their resistance to adverse effects — tonic gel, spray or foot cream.

Healing rubbing.

«Varicose veins are ugly and unpleasant, but in my case it’s also very painful.
I have to spend all day on trips around the city. Naturally, this is an additional burden on sick veins.

But I found an excellent remedy for pain in the legs. I was helped by a flower, many years growing at my house is a Kalanchoe.

It is necessary to fill half of a half-liter bottle with fresh cut leaves of Kalanchoe. Pour vodka to the top. Put for a week in a dark place. Periodically shake.

The resulting tincture should be rubbed in the evening. Starting to grind from feet and moving to the knees and up. Pain in the legs are immediate. But to obtain a stable result, it is necessary to perform the procedure daily for two to three months.

Deep vein thrombosis causes.


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