Dark spots.

Dark spots on the face.

Dark spots.

Dark spots on the face. As at home to get rid of age spots.

To help cope with this problem a few recipes of alternative medicine.

Parsley — a unique cosmetic, struggling with pigmentation.
To do this, chop fresh herbs. ½ green glass is poured a glass of boiling water and infuse for an hour. Then you need the infusion of strain through cheesecloth and diluted with fresh milk, in equal parts, to wipe the face before going to bed. The prepared lotion should be stored in the refrigerator.

Another way to get rid of age spots on the face, can be prepared from fresh cucumber.
Vegetable grate or chop the blender. Massa put on the face and cover with gauze bandage. With this mask it is necessary to lie down in a relaxed 25 minutes. Then all to remove and rinse with cool water. With strong pigmented spots, the tool can be applied 2-3 times a day.
Pigmentation can soak lemon juice or grapefruit.

Dark spots on the face.

Gradually withdraw stains from the skin can help mask their fresh currant berries.

For curd mask should mix 15 drops of liquid hydrogen peroxide, the same amount of ammonia and a tablespoon of cheese. All turn into a homogeneous mass and apply for 15 minutes on the problem areas. More allotted time can not keep the mask on his face. Washed off with warm water.

This tool is suitable for those people who are able to withstand burning for the sake of beauty:
In a small container mustard powder is diluted with a little water until you have a paste. The mask is applied only on the spot, we can not allow the burn healthy skin. As soon as there was a slight burning sensation, a mask can be washed off. After such a tool, you must use a moisturizer.

Dark spots on the face.

Lemon is always used in cosmetics with lightening effect.
To prepare the lotion in home conditions, designed to remove age spots, need to mix water — 1 teaspoon lemon juice — 1 teaspoon. This lotion gently treat the stains. First, they begin to fade, then disappear completely.

Get rid of darkening on the face will help the daily washing of kefir or yogurt.

Nothing can compare with the celandine, which is the main assistant to the problem.
For self-catering miracle lotion need to brew a tablespoon of celandine in ½ cup of water. After configure themselves as a means for an hour, it should strain. This lotion is necessary to grind the face 2 times a day.

dark spots on the face

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