Could overcome warts.

Could overcome warts.

Could overcome warts.

How to get a wart at home.

Could overcome warts. Many people, especially those who work with their own hands, overwhelmed warts. Well, we know that a lot of ways on how to overcome them themselves — warts that you are bored to death. Here are some of these ways:

Lubricate the fresh juice of celandine.

Apply mass, prepared from mountain ash.

Lubricate with fresh garlic juice or ointment prepared from garlic and lard (50 g each).

Small warts can be derived dandelion juice.

Quick results are obtained by using garlic. Rub the garlic, put this slurry on the wart. Keep as long as possible. Rinse with cold water. After 2 chasa be repeated.

Every night before going to bed can drip out of the pipette on the wart 1 drop of vinegar (just being careful — pre-seal the plaster right place, making a hole for warts, more than 1 drop not drip) — it burns the roots, killing the virus.

Good help dry ice to make it and keep longer. The remaining ice can be wrapped in several layers of newspaper and cellophane.
Store in freezer. After 2-3 hours to repeat. Often enough the three procedures to the wart came off.
Folk Wisdom also provides us with methods for the removal of warts.

Could overcome warts.

Someone they come not to your taste, but someone might be interested and:

Take the coarse thread (not synthetic) and tie a knot in it so much, how many warts. Roll up thread a ball of minced meat unsalted and bury it under the drippings from the roof. Warts pass after rot in the ground thread.

Lubricate the wart and honey to lick the dog. The wart will disappear quickly.

Take the linen thread and 3 times a wart tie knot. Threads immediately drip into manure.

If you kill a chicken and giblets still warm it applied to the wart for two minutes, and then bury them, the warts will disappear very quickly.

How to get a wart at home.

But recently I heard a conversation between two women, where one another advised the following recipes to remove warts:

uprooted stem already mown grain ears. Spearhead straw several times to pin the wart and now this straw buried in the damp place the roots up. A few days later, when the straw is rotted, the warts disappeared (you can use other herbs).

A piece of opaque black tape glued to the unwanted build-up, leave for a day, then change electrical tape. For three days the wart becomes unsustainable and without trace deleted nail file.

Could overcome warts.

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