Cough suppressant.

Cough suppressant.

Cough suppressant.

Cough suppressant. Honey with medicinal herbs is a medicinal prescription for herbal medicine.

Today you can meet a huge amount of a variety of honey.
I saw raspberry, sea-buckthorn, hips and even ginseng, which simply does not exist in nature, but which can be easily found on the shelves of our shops.

Cough suppressant.

But one day I got a «znacharian» honey with medicinal herbs.
It was not just another marketing move, but a very good drug.
I took myself to the note and learned to cook it myself at home.

Honey on herbs — recipe

Honey, infused on medicinal herbs, becomes even more useful, tasty and has a huge amount of medicinal properties.

How to make honey with herbs?

You will need any good honey. In my case, it was thyme and sage, because I was preparing an agent for the treatment of bronchitis and pain in the throat.

Useful properties of herbs:
• Thyme is a universal expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and sedative. Everyone knows the ability of thymus to heal the most severe cough, and in combination with honey, this action is manifested many times stronger.
• Sage is a unique plant that contains a whole complex of the most useful substances for our body. This is a powerful anti-cold remedy with a strong expectorant effect.


1. Take a clean dry jar and put the medicinal herbs on its bottom. (You can use both fresh and dry grass from packs .If the raw material is fresh, it must be slightly dried first.)
2. Fill herbs with 1/3 of a jar.
3. Now take the honey and fill the grass with it.
4. If honey is candied, it must be melt in a water bath on a small fire (30 C).
5. Do not mix the mixture, but put it in a cool place for two weeks.
6. After two weeks, a wonderful medicinal honey with herbs is ready.
7. It should be consumed 1 tsp, dissolving in the mouth with diseases of the mouth and throat, with bronchitis, whooping cough, cold up to 3 times a day.


Contraindications to use-intolerance to honey, side effects of medicinal herbs, children under three years of age and pregnant women are not desirable.
Such honey can be cooked with chamomile, elecampane, eleutherococcus and other herbs.
The main thing is that you do not have any contraindications to their use.


Cough suppressant.

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