Compresses external from otitis media.

Compresses external from otitis media.

Compresses external from otitis media.


Applying external and internal compresses during otitis media is the first aid to a sore ear. The method is used to treat adults and children, is indicated for pregnant women. With its help, it is possible to strengthen metabolic processes in the focus of inflammation. The duration of such therapy at home is controlled depending on the severity of symptoms.


  1. Boil large beets. Peel, peel abundantly with honey and put on a sore ear over gauze, leaving a compress for half an hour. There is another option for the recipe: beets are cut into pieces and boiled in honey. Use in a similar way.
  2. Menovasin is applied to the gauze cut. Impose on a sore ear, holding it all night. Repeat if necessary — if severe pain is observed.
  3. The inflammatory process is treated with a hot compress, the main role in which is played by a brick. It is warmed well, wrapped in a piece of tissue and placed on the ear that requires attention. Hold for at least several hours. During the session, the patient should drink hot tea.
    Following the prescription for purulent otitis media is unacceptable, otherwise complications cannot be avoided!
  4. A section of the bandage is moistened in vodka and saturated with natural honey. Positioned on the ear, leaving for an hour. The compress is repeated after six hours. The recommendation is suitable if a child’s type of disease is diagnosed.
  5. For five minutes, a few cloves of garlic are boiled in a glass of water. After the garlic is taken out, chopped and mixed with a pinch of salt. The mixture is placed on a section of a bandage, applying a compress in the area of ​​the affected ear. Twenty minutes later, the compress is removed. The procedure is carried out twice a day.
  6. To relieve pain helps applying a bottle of warm water over the ear. The method is especially effective in cases of illness in a child.
    Warming compresses in the treatment of a child can be used only with the permission of a doctor.
  7. Houses bake a large onion. Divided into two parts. One is wrapped in dense cotton and applied to the area near the inflamed ear for ten minutes. Repeat sessions twice a day with pain.

External compresses

  1. For otitis media, a clay compress helps well. Any suitable. It is soaked in water, laid out on a cloth. The ear canal is closed with a cotton swab. A compress is applied on top, leaving for two hours. One procedure per day is enough.
  2. In a proportion of one to two, camphor alcohol and water are combined. After the dough from wheat flour is kneaded on the resulting composition. Add one raw beaten egg and some linseed oil. The pellet is transferred to a cotton cloth and determined in the area of ​​the diseased ear. Cover with a woolen scarf. Hold for about one hour. One session per day is enough to get rid of the pain manifested in the chronic form of the disease in the near future.
  3. A folk remedy for a bullous type of disease. Steamed fresh greens of a centaury. Apply to the ear canal requiring treatment, leave for fifteen minutes. During this time, the pain subsides.
  4. A mixture of elderberry, centaury and chamomile flowers is steamed with boiling water. Five minutes later, the raw materials are squeezed out, wrapped in gauze and applied to the outer region of the diseased ear. Withstand until cool. If the pain is severe, the procedure is carried out up to five times a day.
  5. In equal shares connect the rhizome of common calamus and upright cinquefoil, oak bark and thyme grass. A few pinches of the collection are wrapped in cotton. The «bag» is placed in boiling water for three minutes, squeezed and applied to the diseased area. Perform the manipulation three times. The duration of the session is twenty minutes.

External compresses.

  1. In boiling water, soak the crust of stale bread. A tissue is applied to the sore ear, and bread crust is placed on top. Wrap in a warm scarf and leave for two hours. The recipe is harmless for children and pregnant women, helps in quickly getting rid of the symptoms of acute otitis media.
  2. Take a twelve-day infusion of tea mushroom, moisten a gauze bandage in it and apply it to the outer region of the auditory organ. Top covered with polyethylene and insulated with a woolen scarf. Hold the compress for at least nine hours.
  3. With severe pain in a child, fat is used. It is cut into thin slices and placed around the auricle, covering with polyethylene on top. After one hour, the fat is removed.
Compresses external from otitis media.
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