Cleansing Diet Baron Baptiste.

Cleansing Diet Baron Baptiste.

Cleansing Diet Baron Baptiste.

Cleansing Diet Baron Baptiste. This diet will help you to move to a proper diet, and along the way to get rid of excess weight.

1. Who is Baron Baptiste?

So name the famous teacher of yoga, author of the original program, «Baptiste Power Yoga». In addition to a set of physical exercises he devised a seven-day diet that restores the normal rate of metabolism and allows you to quickly lose weight. The result will be more pronounced if the diet at the same time you will find time for exercise.

2. The seven-day marathon.

Diet (three phases).

The first stage (lasting two days) is designed to prepare you for the reduction of the usual daily diet.
The second stage (designed for 3 days) — discharge.
Third ethane (two day pass) — a smooth transition from the diet.
In the first and third stage need to eat on the menu given.

3. to decipher the menu:

Under the protein dishes are meant lean meat, chicken or fish, soy meat. Cooking should be steamed can be baked in the oven, but without oil. Portion size is approximately equal to your palm without fingers.

Carbohydrate meals — cooked brown rice, lentils, beans, pasta from durum wheat. carbohydrate portions of the volume should be no more than your clenched fist.

4. The menu for the first and third stages.

Before breakfast: Immediately after waking up: 1 cup of water with the juice, ½ lemon and 1 part honey..
Breakfast: any fruit or fresh fruit juice, 5-6, nuts, yogurt, herbal tea.
Lunch: 1 protein dish, 1 carbohydrate dish, salad, dressed with vinegar (apple cider or balsamic) or lemon juice. It will vashsamy big meal of the day.
Dinner: 1 dish of protein, 1 carbohydrate dish, salad, seasoned with vegetable oil. Portions should be less than twice than lunch.
If you want dessert: fresh fruit or baked.

5. The discharge time.

The second phase of the diet is the most complex and effective. In these three days only fruits, freshly squeezed juices and water are allowed. Fruits can be eaten in any quantity and combination. These author’s diets include tomatoes and avocados. In addition, Baron Baptiste advises especially to lean on bananas and grapes. They are very caloric. In order to diversify the diet, make fruit salads. Fill them with apple or balsamic vinegar.

It’s hard on the first day. In the second body you will get used. Eat often. Drink a lot. Then the feeling of hunger will not overtake you. And do not eat one fruit all day. Diversify food.

6. What is prohibited?

For seven days you will have to give up sugar, alcohol, coffee and tea (these drinks contain caffeine). Also excluded are all dairy products, yogurt without addition of sugar and additives. A week later, can be returned to the milk diet.

If you want to save the newfound ease and after the diet, give up sugar and fatty meats.
At the end of the seven-day diet continue to eat organic foods, gradually expanding diet.

Important! When using any diet is necessary to consult a doctor or nutritionist.


Cleansing Diet Baron Baptiste.

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