Cholesterol Medication.

Cholesterol Medication.

Cholesterol and herbs.

Cholesterol Medication. From medicinal plants that can reduce cholesterol in the blood, the first place as the most active in this plan is to put Dioscreek the Caucasian.

About 30 years ago, polyspanin was obtained from the roots of the Caucasian Dioscorea. These pills were designed to lower cholesterol in the blood.

Later, the Pharmacopoeia Committee for some reason took this drug out of production and supplies. But the roots of the Caucasian Dioscorea can sometimes be purchased at a pharmacy.

The more accessible means in our area is the elder Black, especially well reduce cholesterol its roots.Although the roots, of course, more effective. But you can also use blackberry flowers and berries. They can be bought at the pharmacy. Also reduces cholesterol in any form of convolvulus. These are silver petals, crescent straight (kalgan) and goose goat beard.

Helps reduce inert cholesterol. Inothers (in another way, this plant is called oslinnik). This is a biennial plant that grows in our area. Abroad, this plant is very widely used for the treatment of various diseases. But it still remains in the shadow in our country.

Cholesterol and herbs.

Garlic, as already mentioned, is useful to use regularly. Ayurvedic medicine considers garlic to be one of the best ways to lower cholesterol. She recommends that overweight people use garlic with honey. Thin — in the form of milk broth. Garlic with tincture can drip on honey or milk — depending on your complexion.

I recommend garlic tincture to everyone who comes to me about cholesterol reduction.
Prepare it as follows: fill a half-liter jar with a fifth of the chopped garlic, pour into the vodka’s neck and insist in a dark place for 2 weeks. This tincture should be taken 3 times a day, starting with 5 drops per reception, and add 1 drop per day, take a single dose of the tincture to 35 drops;
Then start decreasing this dose daily for 1 drop.
Spend without a break 2-3 such courses — this will constitute one cycle of treatment. In a year, do 2 cycles of treatment with garlic tincture or even more — as needed.

It is good to use this «garlic» recipe. Take equal amounts of garlic and lemons, pass through a meat grinder and put the mixture in the refrigerator — it is well stored.
Take a teaspoon of this mixture 1-3 times a day.

Cholesterol Medication.

Helps reduce cholesterol calamus, elecampane, motherwort, berries
Hawthorn, as well as spices such as turmeric and saffron.
For example: a teaspoon of roots of aira (3 g) boil in a glass of water, strain and drink this broth for the day before eating.
Similarly, a decoction of the roots of elecampane, which can be consumed
During the day, regardless of food intake.
It is useful to use turmeric as a seasoning, or you can cook
Infusion, bay a pinch of turmeric with boiling water.
Hawthorn I advise brewing with a dog rose and drinking as tea, and in ordinary tea you can add a little (half a teaspoon or slightly more) of hawthorn tincture.

Verbena cleanses the blood vessels.

And of course, when talking about getting rid of cholesterol plaques, you can not say about such a plant as verbena. Verbena grass cleans vessels well, after receiving verbena, patients notice the disappearance of noise and heaviness in the head, a significant improvement in the state of well-being.

It is best to use verbena as follows:

A tablespoon of raw material pour a glass of boiling water, insist 3-4 hours
Or even longer (you can pour the verbena grass with boiling water from evening).
As a result, you will receive an infusion containing many essential oils and having a pleasant aroma and taste. You can drink this infusion instead of tea without a special norm, about 1-2 glasses a day.

Cholesterol Medication.


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