Bursitis — it’s not scary.

Joint pain was growing … Bursitis.

At first I did not even pay attention to the elbow. So a little swollen, there was pain in picking … And then the seal began to grow. I noticed the fluctuations of fluid inside the joint. The pain grew. It was already very difficult to move the elbow.

To this «bouquet» was added headache, weakness, sweating, nausea, fever. I lost my appetite for work, took painkillers, walked with difficulty …

X-ray, ultrasound and dressing …

The surgeon has sent on a roentgen of a joint. To establish the presence of inflammation in the joint.
Further on ultrasound. Specify the size and amount of inflammation in it — exudate, and took the place of inflammation of the puncture, pumped out of the accumulated fluid.

Assessing the results of the examination applied to the joint fixation bandage. It is very useful to reduce pain. Because the joint does not bend anymore. Reduces the level of edema. The doctor asked me to hold his hand for a while on the hanging scarf. Prescribed drugs and ointments, to quickly reduce inflammation.

And in addition to helping the body, vitamins, calcium supplements and adjuvants are prescribed.
In a timely manner, I took it, a little more time, and the bursitis would pass into a purulent form. Could a fistula …

My salvation — potato and burdock.

I do not advocate chemotherapy at all. Therefore, when the inflammation calmed down somewhat, and the pain subsided, I turned to the time-tested recipes of traditional medicine. Alternating between them.

• I liked the compresses. Cut the raw potatoes into thin slices. Put them on cotton cloth. Wrap the joint. Top — cellophane, then wrap a woolen scarf.
Or, 2 tablespoons of chopped burdock root was put in 1 liter of water. Boil for 5 minutes. Then let stand for 10-15 minutes. Moisten with a burdock infusion. Put in place of ignition. On top — cellophane and woolen scarf. Apply once a day for 1.5 hours for a month.

• A good effect is obtained by grinding.
Mix 1 small bottle of iodine, a bottle of cologne, a bottle of valerian extract and 6 sprayed dipyrone tablets. Let stand in a dark place for 5 days.

• Late though, but still I thought of propolis, with him gone even faster recovery: 20 g of propolis diluted in 1 cup of high-quality vodka.
Liquids let stand a week, then the mixture was put on a clean bandage or gauze and apply to the sore spot on for 5-10 minutes. Make every day for several weeks.

• Can be used and well-known cabbage leaf, when there is no other hand. So I did even my grandmother when I was staying in the village:
cut off his veins, beat off the surface with a knife until the juice, put on the joints and insulate. Change the compress every 4 hours. Very well, he rebuked pain and inflammation.

Recipe miracle compress.

And it is a unique recipe that 2-3 treatments literally works wonders: a head of onion bake and mash; Mix 1 h. spoon grated on a fine grater soap, 1 tbsp. honey and 1/2 hours. baking soda. From rye flour and water to make a cake. Then apply honey mixture on the sore spot on it — onions, cover rye tortilla, wrap and secure with a bandage. The residue build overnight.

And then the time came when I finally forgot about bursitis. But the hand and elbow since the bank of …





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