Egg ointment for burns.

On the healing properties of chicken eggs has long been known. But not many people know that they are useful not only inside, but also as a means for external use. I happened to see this first hand.
With me there was trouble — I knocked on a plate bucket with hot water. Most of boiling water, fortunately, splashed past, but I strongly scalded one hand. Mom helped me, gave a prescription ointment that can heal burns quickly.

Take 12 fresh chicken eggs. Separate the yolks and pour them onto a clean, dry frying pan. Fry the egg yolks to blackening on medium heat.

The yolks themselves should be thrown away. But the resulting fat — about 50 grams pour in a clean glass jar. This will be a burn ointment.

Keep it in the fridge for the best and always have it handy. The effect is amazing. The effects of burns were gone for three days. The blisters are gone the next day.

I’m not sure that all burns, without exception, cope with such a tool. But as a household without critically severe burns, it copes perfectly.

Egg ointment for burns

Propolis tincture on.

In my experience it was such a story: one colleague suffered severe burns on the voltage 660 volts. The doctor immediately warned that this match will be a long time, and put him a bandage. Arriving home, the patient started the bandages and put on the affected places a cloth moistened with 20% alcohol tincture of propolis. A week later, I went to see the surgeon.
So what? On the ground, burn a new healthy skin. And most importantly — no scars and marks. I also advised him to make oil from propolis, and he smeared the place burn this oil.

Preparation of the oil is not complicated:

melt 1 kg of butter and the village, without removing from the heat, bring the temperature to 75-80 °, to enter into it 150 grams of finely chopped propolis.

Stir until smooth with a wooden spoon. Throughout the procedure, can not allow the mixture to temperature fluctuations, it is desirable to use a water thermometer. Then strain through a metal strainer and pour into jars. Gradually cool to room temperature, stirring over 2-3 minutes. The finished oil is stored in a cool place.

A tincture of propolis prepared as follows:

100 ml of pure alcohol 40 g of propolis planed.
Insist in a warm place for a week. Each day, stir. Then strain the infusion and mix with olive or corn oil at a ratio of 1: 4.
Before applying the resulting emulsion was well shaken.

It is also very good for ear disease. For what it is necessary to impregnate gauze flagellum infusion and administered into the ear for 24-48 hours. I benefited from neuritis of the auditory nerve.

12 procedures required to improve hearing and the noise disappeared.

Propolis tincture on

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