Broths for hemorrhoids.

Broths for hemorrhoids.

Broths for hemorrhoids.

At home, herbal teas are prepared from plants known in folk medicine. The recommended course is up to three months. Repeat as needed.


A tablespoon of St. John’s wort is combined with 0.23 liters of water and boiled for fifteen minutes over low heat. Drink three times a day with an internal inflammatory process, a quarter of a glass.

A couple of teaspoons of the mountaineer in half a liter of moisture is boiled for fifteen minutes (the fire must be strong). Having wrapped up, they defend for several hours. Used as a styptic and for pain relief, half a cup up to four times a day.

A tablespoon of stony bone leaves in 0.25 l of water is boiled for ten minutes. After cooling, the mixture is filtered. Take twenty milliliters three times.

Fifteen grams of stinging nettle boil for ten minutes in a glass of water. Take up to five times a day in a large spoon.
Nettle is categorically contraindicated for expectant and nursing mothers.

In case of hemorrhoidal bleeding, a decoction of medicinal burnet is recommended. Raw materials in the amount of 1 tbsp. l. pour 230 milliliters of water and keep on low heat for half an hour after boiling. Allow to settle for 2 hours, filter. Consume 20 ml up to five times a day after a meal.

After harvesting, pick cucumber lashes. Dried and chopped finely. In 500 ml of moisture, 50 g of raw materials are brought to a boil. Drink half a cup three times for bleeding.

A handful of chopped rose hips are added to 300 ml of water and boiled over medium heat. After cooling, it is filtered and a little honey is introduced. Use a large spoon to strengthen the vascular wall three times before meals.

Broths for hemorrhoids.

Take medium-sized beets, peel and cut into small cubes. Pour a liter of water and boil for two hours. Drink half a cup three times before meals. Treatment is done to get rid of bleeding. Also, the broth is highly effective for constipation.

Crushed steel roots in the amount of thirty grams in a liter of water are brought to a boil and left to cook for fifteen minutes. The raw material is squeezed out. The volume of the broth is brought to the original by pouring in pure water. Take a third of a glass three times before a meal with constipation.
The steel is low-toxic and may cause an allergic reaction.

30 g of chopped bay leaf in three liters of moisture is brought to a boil and left to simmer over low heat for two hours. Strain and start using — fifty milliliters three times before meals. Recommended therapy for internal and external hemorrhoids.
Taking the composition during pregnancy threatens with miscarriage.

Burdock helps to eliminate pain and relieve inflammation. Its leaves are dried and crushed. Pour 2 tbsp. l. raw materials 0.3 liters of water and put on fire. Bring to a boil and cool. Drink 30 ml three times.

To 200 ml of pure liquid add 1 tbsp. l. crushed plum leaves. Boil for 15 minutes and cool. It is taken with the internal form of pathology — 30 ml up to five times a day.

Raspberry root, in the amount of two large spoons, bring to a boil in 0.4 l of water. Remove from heat and stand under a lid until cooled. Reception is carried out in a third of the glass twice. The composition is recommended for patients with a tendency to constipation.

Broths for hemorrhoids.
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