Botulism: dangerous canned

Deadly spores.

Botulism. Late summer and autumn — the hottest time for domestic preparations when many housewives conjure hours at the stove, creating culinary delights as marinated, salted and pickled vegetables and mushrooms, which are then painted in the form of a series of slender rolled cans. How nice to gloomy winter day open a jar of delicious contents and please close delicious vegetable caviar, crispy pickles or pickled mushrooms!

However, in each of these jars may lurk mortal enemy — botulism, at a meeting to which the chances of survival is very small. Therefore, when home canning should, exercise extreme caution and follow all the rules that can protect you from severe poisoning homemade preserves.

Botulism — one of the most severe intestinal infections caused by anaerobic bacteria — stick (clostridia) which poisons the body is the strongest toxin. The most favorable environment for its development is an environment without oxygen and temperatures above + 25 ° C.
Sami wand is not sustainable and are killed by heating to 80 ° C for 30 minutes, but the botulism spores are extremely resistant to adverse factors. They did not die even at the boil for 5 hours and resistant to freezing, drying, UV, survive in products with a high content of salt.

Botulism spores are widely distributed in nature, almost all products,
contaminated soil, they contain spores detected in the intestines of various domestic and wild animals, waterfowl and fish. But the disease only occurs
in the event that the products a long time before use stored without access of air or subjected to heat treatment insufficient.

Symptoms of the disease.

Headache, dizziness, weakness.

Nausea, vomiting, fever.

Abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea. A day later replaced constipation diarrhea.
One of the characteristic symptoms of the disease is the disruption of the eye muscles, involuntary movements of the pupils, drooping eyelids. Man feels diplopia, photophobia.

The patient is hard to swallow, he could not speak, the amount of saliva decreases sharply, stops producing gastric juice.

Difficulty with urination, muscle weakness.

affects the nervous system, develop paralysis that can result in death from respiratory failure, heart failure or aspiration pneumonia.

Neurotoxin secreted stick botulism, is considered one of the strongest poisons known to science. It is stable under acidic conditions and indestructible digestive enzymes.

Urgently to the doctor!

If after drinking were signs of poisoning food questionable products, especially characteristic of botulism (blurred vision, diplopia), an urgent need to call «ambulance.» Independently treated household ways — with activated carbon or potassium permanganate is unacceptable, it can cost lives!

But before the arrival of the specialist can help the patient by making him a gastric lavage to bring part of the toxins and cleansing enema, give to drink plenty of water with the addition of baking soda.

At the hospital, the confirmation of the diagnosis, «botulism» enter special antitoxic serum immunoglobulin, chelators, put a dropper. To destroy the bacteria in the gut, antibiotics are prescribed, with the weakening of the intercostal muscles and interruptions in breathing using a pressure chamber, connected to a ventilator.

But even with intensive treatment may experience severe complications — respiratory distress, pneumonia, heart failure, electrolyte disturbances and water balance in the body.

After treatment in hospital the patient will need more long-term rehabilitation — up to 6 months. Suffer mostly muscles of hands and feet, a person may be partially paralyzed, and he will have to relearn how to walk.
For others the patient botulism is not dangerous. Preventive vaccination against botulism not.

The incubation period ranges from botulism 2 hours to 10 days!

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