Best way to lose weight fast.

weight loss

Best way to lose weight fast.


A little under the effect of weight loss on their own to develop a strategy, obviously, so very popular diets in which everything is thought out.
On one of these diets, and we want to tell. It is designed for a month, during which you just have to follow the suggested food plan that will get rid of 5-7 kg.

Best way to lose weight fast.

During the entire month will need to accurately plan the meal, as well as
strictly adhere to the specified collection, and the number of products.

Especially is meticulously treated to breakfast — it should always be at one and the same time. With the rest of the meals you can do more freely, entering them into your daily routine.

The principle of drawing up the daily menu during this diet is as follows: daily calories are not above 1600 kilocalories, of which 50-60% carbohydrates and 20-30% fat. To achieve such a large number of calories and the ratio will allow the following menu:

BREAKFAST (optional)

• Toast of bread with baked tomatoes, 1 tbsp. Spoon cottage cheese.
• 30 g of oat flakes with milk.
• The sandwich of two slices of bread from wheat flour, banana, 1 h. Spoon of honey and 1 tbsp. spoon yogurt.
• Toast of bread with boiled egg and half a glass of orange juice.

Lunch (optional)

• Portion of vegetable salad; Sandwich of bran bread with 50 g of cold chicken or 25g grated cheese and 1 tbsp. spoon diet mayonnaise (or 75 g of cottage cheese with green onion); an apple or an orange.
• Portion of vegetable salad, 200 g potatoes, boiled in their skins; 125 g of dietary yogurt or 125 grams of cooked beans or 25 g of grated cheese.

DINNER (optional)

• Portion of vegetable salad, 85 g baked fish, small potato, baked in their skins.
• Portion of vegetable salad, 150 grams of chicken or turkey, small potato in uniform.
• 75 g of spaghetti dressed with a sauce of tomatoes and canned shrimp or melkoporezannoy lean ham with natural yogurt sauce.

Best way to lose weight fast, how to lose weight fast for women.

The errors of those who are on a diet.

Sitting on a diet for the first time, it seems to us that there is nothing simpler: eat less and then just get thin.
But what, then, can be explained by the fact that thousands of people sitting on a diet without success?
Let’s talk about the most common mistakes dieters.

What can I eat?

Everyone knows that during the diet should avoid sweet, flour, meat, salted, smoked. But what to eat, eliminate from the diet foods are harmful to the figures?

It is important to understand how it is going to be your diet. It makes no sense to replace the sandwich with cheese on sweet muesli with milk, and the usual soup to salad, dressed with mayonnaise.
! This is the very first mistake losing weight: the absence of a list of permitted
dietary products.

The body needs proteins

! Reducing caloric intake, you can not give up meat and other protein products.
With a shortage of protein the body begins to store fat panic, and reduced muscle mass at the same time.
As a result, the balance seems to show weight loss, but in fact you lose muscle tissue, from which depends directly on the metabolism. And this is a road to nowhere.

When and how much?

An important point that many people forget during the diet: eating schedule.
! Sitting on a diet, a person ceases to have, but it is fundamentally wrong.
During any diet there should be not less than every 4 hours. Only regular
meal will allow the body to quickly adapt to a new diet without feeling that he was deprived of food.

Drink more water
Without water, slimming the body can not do, because it is water flushes toxins from the body resulting from the processing of fat and protein metabolism waste. Water also deliver nutrients to the muscles and helps digest food. Therefore, water in the diet — the best food!
! It is necessary to drink plenty of pure water, not coffee, tea or juice.

Do not stop!
And the last, the most common mistake, it relates to those who are able to achieve tangible results.
! Do not throw the diet immediately after success.
Remember how difficult it were given you dropped kilos, and keep yourself in their hands.


Best way to lose weight fast.

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