Best indoor plants.

Best indoor plants.

Best indoor plants.


Best indoor plants. They clean the atmosphere, create coziness and a favorable microclimate in the premises.

But in order for the green guests to benefit, you need to properly place them in the apartment. In each room you need to put your flower.

It is especially important to properly place flowers in the bedroom, children’s room
and office. As for the living room and the kitchen, there are no special requirements for these rooms.

IN THE CHILDREN’S: best indoor plants

Myrtle contains essential oils that kill microbes, and after getting into the body, and there they continue improving their health.

Nephrolepis tones up the nervous system, is especially useful to schoolchildren, as it helps, without scattering power, to concentrate on the main thing.

Hypeastrum gives vivacity, and its volatile substances have antibacterial, antiviral activity. Contains alkaloids, which have a positive effect on the nervous system.

Zantedeskaya acts positively, activates all senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste. It protects the body from the appearance of new diseases and from the development of the already existing ones.

Cyclamen helps capricious babies become more calm, and also develops creative abilities.

Tolstyanka inspires the child with a calm, relaxed mood.

Chinese rose stimulates thinking, children are less tired, creative mood is created in the room.

It is undesirable to keep in a nursery plant with heavy energy, such as ehmeya, neoregelia, yucca, diffenbachia. And also cacti, which children can get hurt.
Because of the strong smell, there is no place in children’s room jasmine, hyacinths, primrose.


Geranium fragrant helps with functional disorders of the nervous system, neuroses of various origins, including climacteric, as well as with insomnia.

Aloe at night emits oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide, so in the bedroom to him the very place.

Camellia, especially the red one, provides «psychological» help with sexual problems, so she also has the same place in the bedroom.

Also in the bedroom it is useful to put violets. White violets will calm down strong feelings, prevent nervous breakdowns, reduce the burden on the nervous system.
And thanks to the purple violets between the spouses there will be a warm atmosphere of mutual understanding. Red and pink violets inspire a sense of satisfaction.

Undesirable palm trees, figs and other large plants in the bedroom, at night such plants will become your competitors for clean air: they will inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.


Balsamins neutralize the energy of conflict, good for rooms where there are many people. They help to develop business qualities, and also stimulate the birth of new ideas and scientific discoveries.

Hibiscus stimulates creativity, develops organizational skills, accuracy, punctuality, and also neutralizes the aggression of the dictatorship.

Ferns allow you to concentrate on the main thing, help to think and make decisions.

Fatsey teaches you to listen and hear your partner, control your speech and behavior. Helps to develop business qualities and keeps calm.

Chrysanthemums with small flowers, like chamomiles, are good for public places, help strong personalities get along with each other.

Jukka develops business qualities, rationalism, but at the same time helps avoid scandals and quarrels.

Cypherus helps you tune in to work and feel how to do it better. It gives an opportunity to build up activity correctly and constructively.

Ehmeya is the ideal plant for a man’s office. Helps bring up the determination and strength of character.

It is undesirable to use strongly smelling flowers and plants, they can detract from the work.


best indoor plants.

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