Beautiful waistline.

Beautiful waistline.

Beautiful waistline.

Beautiful waistline. Diet to reduce the sides and abdomen. Best way to lose weight.

A complex diet for getting a flat stomach is based on fractional nutrition.
The basic rule. Eat more often, but in small portions, avoiding overeating. Overeating leads to a stretching of the stomach. Consequently, to greater consumption of food. Food should be taken every 2-3 hours if you are hungry.

Get up from the table with a feeling of light hunger. Because satiety will come only after twenty minutes. It should be quietly enjoying it.

The process of eating should go a little less than half an hour. During this time, the brain will receive a signal from the digestive system that the body is full. In this case, overeating will not occur. Such a trick will allow a person to always be full. Do not feel the gnawing organism, starve and reduce the size of the stomach. Thus, it leads to the fact that people will eat less.

It is necessary to control the feeling of hunger, sometimes, people confuse it with thirst. As soon as it arises, you need to drink a glass of water, and if the sensation does not come, you can eat.

An important factor in the diet is a compulsory meal. If a person starves, the body decides, then a hungry year comes, and instead of burning calories and reducing excess fat, he will start to store them, which can increase weight by half.

Beautiful waistline.

According to scientists, there are no diets only from the stomach and sides, they act on the entire body as a whole, and the amount of fat in this problem zone can be reduced only by observing several points.

— decrease in the number of calories consumed per day;

— carbohydrates in the diet use only «slow», such carbohydrates are contained in legumes;

— do not take food as a way to get pleasure. And only as a necessity for the maintenance of life;

— periodically rest from the restrictions in food, allocate for this one day and afford a favorite product, while not forgetting about the overeating.

For nutrition, it is best to choose food that is nutritious, contain all the necessary elements and not cost a lot of money.

The diet that helps to remove fat from the stomach and sides should contain the following products:

— Legumes: beans, soybeans, chickpeas, chickpeas, as sources of carbohydrates;

— in small quantities, nuts;

— meat and fish with a small amount of fat: chicken, fish, turkey and other seafood;

— chicken or quail eggs;

— dairy and sour-milk products;

— Fresh or canned vegetables and fruits without sugar with a small amount of starch in the composition;

— natural oils: olive, sunflower.

It is necessary to exclude from the diet:

— all «food rubbish», including cereals, mashed potatoes and instant soups;

— sweets and flour products;

— fried food;

— whole raw milk;

— Smoked meat;

Canned fish.

When getting rid of excess fat in the abdomen and lower back.
It is imperative to exclude alcohol from the diet. Any type of alcohol adversely affects the health of the body and body.
The only exception. A small amount of dry wine at stalemate.

In addition to alcohol, all sorts of carbonated drinks and juices from the boxes are prohibited. It is best to drink tea, herbal infusion or coffee without sugar. In addition to these drinks, when the diet is very necessary water. Need to drink a glass of sips 6-8 times a day.

Sample menu for a day of diet for a beautiful waistline.


Beautiful waistline.

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