Baths with arthrosis.

Baths with arthrosis.

Baths with arthrosis.

Arthrosis is a chronic joint disease in which cartilage is destroyed in adjacent bone structures. The disease is widespread throughout the world. The main cause of pathology is a violation of metabolic processes. Predisposing factors are congenital malformations, internal inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, trauma and overweight. With age, the likelihood of developing arthrosis increases.

Baths with arthrosis.

At home, it is possible to treat arthrosis, the localization of which is concentrated on the foot, hand, fingers of the extremities, etc., through healing baths. As a rule, the procedures are performed before the onset of relief.

  1. The foot bath helps in the treatment of foot arthrosis. Three tablespoons of rosemary and peppermint are poured with five mugs of boiling water for four hours. Tray perform about twenty minutes. The procedure is indicated as a preliminary method before grinding or applying a compress.
  2. About an hour in a liter of hot water withstand two large spoons of hay dust. After filtration, a little warm up. The bath takes a quarter of an hour, it is indicated in the treatment of arthrosis of the hands and fingers. It also helps to get rid of the pathology of the calcaneus, small joints of the foot.
  3. With arthrosis of the feet and on the hands, a bath is prepared from the string. Three liters of hot moisture requires four tbsp. l raw materials. Insist about half an hour. The procedure is performed ten minutes twice a day.
  4. Connect a couple of drops of marjoram oil and black pepper. Add to a spoon of vegetable oil, and then sent to a basin with warm water. The procedure is indicated for arthrosis of the joints of the hands and feet (calcaneus, toes).

Baths with arthrosis.

Bathing with plant components and auxiliary components is useful for arthrosis of any localization. Treatment is carried out in courses of ten to fifteen procedures with a weekly break.
The method should not be used in the treatment of arthrosis if the patient has a fever or heart failure.

  1. Expressed effectiveness in arthrosis of any localization, including on the arms and in the thigh area, have turpentine baths. A pair of pine branches with needles, several tubers of earthen pear, a teaspoon of turpentine and a kilogram of sea salt without dyes are placed in a bathtub filled with hot water. To improve the therapeutic effect, you can add a couple of tablespoons of fresh honey. Submerged in water and are in it for twenty minutes. At the end, they wipe the skin of the body with a towel, and in the area of ​​the diseased joint draw a net of iodine. The procedure is required once a day for two weeks.
  2. In case of arthrosis of the lower extremities and hip joints, it is recommended to arrange baths from hay dust. A folk remedy demonstrates a pronounced therapeutic effect in the third stage of the disease. Take up to five handfuls of the mixture of stems, seeds and flowers, pour boiling water and allow to cool. Add to the bath with the trash. Sessions are held in the evening for twelve days.
  3. To get rid of the pathology of the spine, a bath is prepared with the addition of an infusion of burdock root, lingonberry leaves, heather, ledum and nettle. The components are taken in equal proportions, crushed and selected a handful. Steamed with two liters of boiling water for three hours. Poured into water after wringing.
  4. Soothing remedy — baths based on Jerusalem artichoke. Two kilograms of crushed stems or tubers are poured with six liters of water. They stand on the fire for half an hour. The broth is poured into a warm bath, which is taken for about fifteen minutes in the evenings.
  5. Mix one kilogram of bark of pine and birch, introduce 100 g of oak bark. Steamed with three liters of boiling water and insist for at least four hours, wrapped in a towel. Filter and pour into the water 38 degrees. Take a bath for ten minutes with damage to the spine, thigh, lower limbs, hands.
  6. To a tablespoon of olive oil add one drop of ginger oil and benzoic styrax. The oil mixture is poured into a bath of water at a temperature of 37 degrees. The duration of one session is ten minutes.
  7. Two handfuls connect fern and saber. Pour with three liters of clean liquid and boil. Cool to forty degrees and pour the filtered broth into a bath of water. Session spend about ten minutes. After the affected area is wrapped in a warm scarf.
  8. 100 g of calamus and astragalus in five liters of water are boiled for ten minutes. Filter and add to a full bath. A bathing session lasts fifteen minutes. It is indicated for pathology of the thigh, knees, and big toe.
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