Artichoke for the liver.

Artichoke for the liver.

Artichoke for the liver.

In Arabic, artichoke means «earth thorn. This attractive-looking plant is underestimated today.

Few people know that with an extract of the leaves of this very «thorn» you can protect your liver from damage and promote the growth of new tissues.

«Earth thorn» has the property to increase the production of bile, and this is an excellent method of removing harmful toxins from the liver.

An ongoing scientific experiment involving 90 volunteers with non-alcoholic fatty liver problems brought to light that taking 600 mg of artichoke extract uninterruptedly would make the liver function much better.

The study was based on a two-month intake.

A different goal was set in the following experiment involving adults who were overweight and had fatty liver disease (non-alcoholic).

The subjects were given an extract of the very same «earth thorn» for two months. All of them had a decrease in liver inflammation and fat deposition than before they started taking it.

Researchers are convinced that certain antioxidants contained in this plant (cynarin and silymarin) are partly responsible for these processes.

Benefits for the intestines and stomach

Stabilizes the state of the microflora. Artichokes is a wonderful source of fiber, namely, it has a positive effect on the state of the human gastrointestinal tract.

Fiber promotes the development of such essential and indispensably useful intestinal bacteria, prevents the risk of certain types of intestinal cancers, leads to normal defecation, alleviating constipation and diarrhea.

Inulin, a special kind of fiber that has a similar effect to prebiotics, is part of these wonderful vegetables. Scientific studies that were conducted with people with GI problems showed the result: the condition of twelve adults improved.

This was due to the intestinal bacteria after systematic consumption of artichoke extract for 3 weeks, containing inulin.

Heartburn, flatulence. Patients suffering from symptoms of indigestion, bloating of the stomach, accompanied by nausea, heartburn, should take the extract of «earth thorn».

It will alleviate the symptoms — it contains cynarin, which affects them by stimulating the production of bile, normalizing intestinal function and improving the digestion of certain fats.

247 volunteer patients volunteered to take part in the study. They consumed the plant’s leaf extract daily, and after 6 weeks they felt positive changes in their bodies.

They were no longer bothered by flatulence or the uncomfortable feeling of an overflowing stomach, as was the case before taking artichoke leaf extract.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Many people experience abdominal pain, cramps, have extremely unpleasant symptoms, namely suffering from constipation or frequent diarrhea, flatulence and bloating.

In medicine, all of these symptoms are described by one disease: IBS.

A study conducted with people diagnosed with IBS showed that artichoke leaf extract taken daily for 6 weeks helped relieve the symptoms.

There was also an interesting finding: almost 96% of participants considered it better and more effective than other treatments for IBS, including anti-diarrheal medications and laxatives

Another independent review involving 208 patients with IBS found that one or two capsules of artichoke leaf extract taken regularly for 60 days reduced symptoms by 26% and increased quality of life by 20%.


Artichoke for the liver.

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