An apple a day.

An apple a day.

An apple a day.

The saying «An apple a day — but a doctor is not needed» is not an idle phrase and the truth. An average apple weighs about 150 grams. Contains 80 calories — as much as, for example, a slice of bread. That is, fruits are very rich in carbohydrates. Therefore, you can have a snack between the main meals. For a long time, reduce hunger.

What and how much?

Average fruit contains 140 mg of potassium. This item makes a significant contribution to the reduction of blood pressure.

Approximately 1 mg of vitamin E, which is 6% of the daily value. Vitamin E — an antioxidant that protects blood vessels and the skin from the harmful oxidative processes, thus contributing to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Apples are rich in antioxidants and other, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, normalize hormones.

Boron — important mineral needed for bone strengthening. Therefore, apples are encouraged to include in your diet to those who suffer from osteoporosis.

Approximately 3.3 grams of dietary fiber, which is 13% of the recommended daily amount.
In the pulp, but especially in the skin, a large amount of pectin, soluble fiber, which affect satiety. Furthermore, pectin is useful for reducing blood cholesterol levels and to regulate blood sugar in diabetic patients. Other, insoluble fibers are particularly useful for the digestion process.

various fruit acids such as ellagic acid, malic acid and tartaric help the digestion process, and ascorbic acid, ie vitamin C.

B vitamins that are important for the normal functioning of the nervous system.

What is the harm of apples?

Sugars are apples, fruit acids plus negative effect on tooth enamel. So after you’ve eaten the apple, rinse your mouth with water.

! It is not necessary to adhere to long apple diet: apples crude fiber can provoke the emergence or worsening of colitis. In diseases of the stomach,
gastritis and duodenal ulcer is contraindicated use of fresh apples.

The apple bones contain hydrocyanic acid, so it is safe, you can eat only 3-4 apple bones a day.
Allergy sufferers should not be abused apples red and orange colors, as they may provoke allergic reactions.

«Whisk» body.

Apples contribute to the regulation of the digestive system, which is associated with a high content of pectin. This allows, on the one hand, bowel function normally, and the other — to absorb an excessive amount of liquid. Traditional medicine calls this fruit «broom for the body», as they cleanse the body of harmful toxins and thereby prevent disease.

According to Chinese medicine, the combination of sweet and sour taste of the fruit is useful for the body, because it creates a feeling of satiety and reduces the need for sweet.

In ancient times advised ripe apples have constipation, and immature — if you have diarrhea. Useful apples and joint diseases such as arthritis or gout.

Apples are recommended to eat to prevent heartburn (or if you already suffer from it, then give preference to sweet varieties, not acidic).

Dentists also recognize the advantages of these fruits and claim that they strengthen the gums, and without the possibility to brush your teeth apple can be a good substitute for this procedure.

Apples and apple juice have diuretic action and are therefore suitable for the treatment of bladder inflammation. The juice can be used with scratches and bites.

The red apples are considered a good remedy for anemia. Green apples are useful for liver problems. Boiled green apples are recommended for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases such as ulcers and infection.

For colds accompanied by fever, as well as to strengthen the body, drink an infusion of apple peel.

Peel one apple. Pour a glass of boiling water. Leave on for 10 minutes. Add some cinnamon and drink.

With increased liver activity, they suffer from migraines, allergies, eye infections, and irritability attacks. Apples make these symptoms less acute. For example, the smell of fruit helps prevent a migraine attack.


An apple a day


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