Alternative methods from menopause.

Alternative methods from menopause.

Alternative methods from menopause.

Mixture of Pavlova

For the treatment of hot flashes, it is recommended to drink Pavlov or Zakharyin potion. You can buy it at a pharmacy with a prescription. The medicine consists of the following components:
200 ml of glucose solution;
4 grams of ascorbic acid;
3 grams of sodium bromide;
10 ml tincture of valerian.
Take the medicine three times a day for a tablespoon. For the onset of relief, you must drink at least six bottles.


Seeds, leaves and flowers of nasturtium are very useful for female ailment, especially when there is nervous excitement and a rapid heartbeat. Dried and powdered seeds are used as spices, leaves and flowers are added to soups and salads.


Two handfuls of oat grains are poured with a liter of hot water. Cook until jelly is formed. After filtration, add milk (0.5 L) and bring to a boil again. After the broth has cooled, add a few tablespoons of honey. The finished medicine is taken three times a day in a glass. Helps with cardiovascular diseases, strengthens the heart muscle. Suitable for men and women.

Alternative methods from menopause.


The beekeeping product has immunomodulating qualities and stimulates collagen synthesis, which is slowed down during menopause. With prolonged use, bee bread normalizes metabolism and increases resistance to stress.

To get rid of discomfort with menopause, a daily intake of 20 grams of beef is recommended. Previously, it is mixed with a small amount of honey. The course of treatment should be established depending on the individual characteristics of the course of the menopause.

Flax seed

Flaxseed is 62% fatty acids. Regular consumption of flax can significantly reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. For the prevention of cardiovascular diseases during menopause, women and men need to eat 1-2 dessert spoons daily.

A cocktail of 220 ml of kefir, several teaspoons of flax seed, 150 grams of berries and a quarter of a banana is a good way to prevent weight gain during menopause. Daily drinking a cup of such a drink, you can get rid of digestive problems and rejuvenate the skin.


The product reduces the need to use hormone-containing drugs to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Soy is considered especially effective in the fight against nervousness. Regular consumption of soy in the menopause prevents the development of mastopathy. The product can be added to salads, cook yoghurts based on it. 45 grams of soy flour per day, consumed for three weeks, help reduce hot flashes by 40%.


To alleviate symptoms with early menopause on the expected days of menstruation, it is recommended to use a product based on garlic and port. A head of garlic is added to 200 ml of port, boiled for 10 minutes. Insist folk remedy for at least 5 hours. After extracting the garlic, they start taking it — a tablespoon a day.


A chicken egg shell is considered an effective means of preventing osteoporosis in the menopause. The shell of five eggs is calcined, crushed into powder, mixed with two lemons sliced ​​together with peel. Leave to insist for a week. Take three times a day for a dessert spoon. The course of treatment is a month.

Alternative methods from menopause.
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